Darren Flutie on the Cats and Argos

Flutie was asked how he thinks Lancaster feels about his team's situation. He said that Lancaster probably couldn't understand how some of his players could not give 100% like he did during his playing career. When making this observation, without naming names Flutie referred to the Western all-stars and others who the team brought in this year. I guess that would be Holmes and Vaughan since I don't believe Maas was ever an all-star.

Flutie was also asked who he'd start in the Argo backfield when Wiliams and Avery are both healthy. He said he'd start Canadian Jeff Johnson because he is the superior back of the 3!!! Quite a statement to make.

Gotta give it to Flutie. The man doesn't pull punches.

An Argo fan

I forgot to mention that Flutie was a guest on the FAN590's Football Friday.

An Argo fan

and it is JJ that scares me.

i wonder if holmes is a lockerroom cancer to this team?

i mean, if players see this 'superstar' not caring or giving 100%, then do the other players start to slack, or get frustrated?

he's always gushing over his former team in the press, making it obvious hes only here for one year, maybe its gotten to other players, which it may have after a few early season losses.