Darren Flutie NOT returning to CFL

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The days of the Flutie Brothers joining one another for one final fling on the football field are officially over.

Although they'll play in their band, including later this week for four days in Windsor and Detroit, where the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, the football dream is over.

Doug Flutie, who played during the 2005 National Football League season as a backup to quarterback Tom Brady with the New England Patriots, is still waiting to see whether he'll be back with the team.

If he becomes a free agent, expect talk again of a possible return to the CFL, in which he played from 1990 to '97, to end his distinguished pro career.

"I don't know about Doug's situation. I haven't heard anything about the CFL," Darren said yesterday in a phone interview.

Last year at this time, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats sought to re-unite the Flutie Brothers. Doug had been a free agent at the time, while Darren had retired from football after the 2002 season with the Ticats. The brothers last played on the same team with the B.C. Lions in 1991.

The plan fell through when the Patriots offered Doug a contract, and Darren has no plans to entertain playing again.

"It's definitely gone for me, that's for sure," he said. "My window of opportunity has passed. I was clinging on last year, but I couldn't do it now even if I tried."

Darren is well-entrenched in business with a corporation doing virtual due diligence, along with announcing and commentary for CBC's broadcasting of the CFL. While Darren said it has yet to be confirmed whether he will be returning to the CBC -- only host Brian Williams has been announced at this point -- it's more a product of timing and scheduling. The CBC has been preoccupied with the forthcoming Olympics.

"My plan is to come back (to the CBC), but we haven't finalized anything," he said. "It's like football -- you go home for a few months and forget about it for a while and then you get re-adjusted."


Furthermore to yesterday's article in the Toronto Sun about Eric Crouch, the University of Nebraska quarterback who won the 2001 Heisman Trophy as the top U.S. collegiate player, he'll work out for the Argos on Tuesday. He's coming with representatives and expects to stick around for an extra day, so it wouldn't be surprising if a deal is worked out.


Hamilton will announce today it has cut veteran receiver Archie Amerson. He missed last season with a nerve injury ... Jon Ryan, who led the CFL in punting average last year with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, has signed a three-year deal with the Green Bay Packers and reportedly received a signing bonus in excess of $25,000 ... The Argos will announce today a major financial contribution in their Stop The Violence, We Are Toronto campaign ... The Calgary Stampeders signed free-agent receiver Darnell McDonald, who led the team in receiving in 2003 ...The B.C. Lions traded linebacker JoJuan Armour to the Tiger-Cats for the negotiation rights to offensive tackle David Pruce and a conditional draft pick in 2007 ... The Lions signed offensive tackle Jason Jimenez.

Crouch, this guy could be a good qb up here with his overall athletic ability. I don't think he will be a Doug Flutie but maybe our game will be suited for him like it was for Doug.

Alright, I admit I don't know anything about Darren, but to me he sounds like a coward.


Not a coward Kanga. Not by any stretch.


Not a coward Kanga. Not by any stretch.[/quote

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No Kanga!
All you have to do is think before you speak!!!!!

.....good luck getting that to happen any time soon.....

guess I deserve those slaps on the wrest and many more.

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