Darrell Adams injury really hurt us

When Adams went down you could see the drop off on the D-line. The problem being,not only that Adams is the leader on the D-line but then we couldn't rotate Kirk into the line. Montreal's offence started to get going in the second half and our offence didn't thus our D was on the field too long. :cowboy:

Garret McIntyre played well. I like his motor but the pass rush was non existent once Adams left. There really wasn't that much when he was in there but we had something at least.

Montreal's offense got going in the 2nd quarter when they scored the game's only TDs.

Anyone know how serious Adams injury is? Should we possibly look to pick up someone off our neg. list to cover for him for now?

8) We had virtually no pass rush at all tonight !!! Looked like last year all over again !!! :roll:

In all fairness, Calvillo didn't keep it very long at all and we were up against one of the best OL's in the league. We did get some pretty good pass rush going though and forced the second pick of the season by Calvillo. Although the pass rush isn't as good as it has been, it definitely wasn't despicable either.

Garrett Mcintyre was awesome and he was the only shine out there tonight!

dude, we kept Montreal to 21 points... this is not last years defence... we absolutely stuffed their run game in the first half and if Adams didnt go down who knows how well we could have done in the second half.

Good points. Things really did seem to start going downhill for the D after the Adams injury. Calvillo had lots of time to throw passes after that injury. McIntyre and Hickman seemed to do well, and if Adams were there in the front four...

The team did surprisingly well, and that was despite injuries to players like Adams, Floyd, and Caulley. But Haley seemed to improve and we saw why we thought he had potential, but I digress.

And yes, was good to see Cobourne not get far.

While the pass rush was not non-existent, it could have been better. We didn't get any sacks, but did cause AC to throw it away once or twice, create a turnover, and make him run for his life once. I would have liked to have seen us get to AC a couple of times. If he gets hit a bit, he can get rattled.

Adams is a force, and is not easy to replace. He has really done well getting a good push which often disrupts the running game.

I wasn't sure if the injury was to his ankle or knee, but hopefully it wasn't too serious, and he will be back soon, as even with the new additions, he is still our best player on the D-Line.

If Adams is not back next week, they may use Kirk and Reid. If this is the case, we may be able to start or play another import at a different position, although this may also depend on what happens with some of our other injured players.

I really hope he is back soon.


Bradley at Safety, perhaps?

Calvillo didn't even beak a sweat out there. he had lots of time to make his passes. When you can't get to AC your going to have a long night.

True the Pressure was gone on Calvillo as soon as Adams went down if Floyd had played and Adams played the hole game last night I am sure it would have been a lot closer score sure hope he is OK :o

Start hitting AC regularly and his game will change. Get some DLinemen that can put the run on that guy. :thup:

My point re: Adams was that not only is he a impact player on the D, our inability to rotate Kirk through the line hurt us. The D-line was very tired out there. We used a four-man rush most of the night because of Calvillo's ability reading blitzes and exploiting them. I think next time we play them, it'll be a different outcome. :cowboy:

Darrell is a leader. We certainly hope he heals quickly because shifting the import ratio on defense won't come close the replacing the inspiration this guy provides. Perhaps if Otis had been there we wouldn't have suffered the collapse after our own player crippled Darrell on that fluke play.
On a positive note, we certainly must have improved from being the worst run defense in the league overnight. Colborne got stuffed time after time, no big gainers all night. A lot of positive improvements which should encourage the coaches.
Take away that slap at the ball by Tisdale and one bad tackle and the defense would have done a very decent job against an offense that has scored 40+ points per game.
Oskee wee wee.

The adams injury hurt but we have backups that should be able to pick up the slack after he is hurt.If we start using an injury of one player as a excuse for the loss we start sounding like other whiners on this site saying the cats won because the safety hurt his ankle,refusing to give credit to struggling team for a well earned win.Maybe we can start looking on other teams practice rosters for another adams :slight_smile: