Darnerien McCants

did anybody keep a close eye on Darnerien McCants?
a couple of us did, and we were unimpressed.
he seemed to have no burst off the line on the snap, and didn't put in much effort to 'sell' his routes.
he wasn't in for many plays, but he did draw a lengthy pass interference penalty on a route down the north sideline in front of box j.
overall, he didn't put in a lot of effort.
posing won't get the job done ... working hard will.

Practice roster for him or back up to Bauman or Gardner... Thats where I see him playing unless he steps his game up.

I am still Worried about Talmen
He took Pretty hard short in the back on that Catch He Made

Hoping he is Okay if not Darnerien McCants
will take his spot

Hey Oknight word is Talmen is doing MUCH better than lastnight. He looks to be back soon if all goes well

If a guy like McCants doesn't catch a ball in a significant game like the last one vs. Winnipeg, then he's not worth keeping.

I really like our receiving corps as is (i.e. WR Gardner, WR Bauman, S Curry, S Ralph).

Don't forget Walker :slight_smile:

Yes, Walker has talent. Good 5th receiver.

I just thought
I'd give a Clarifcation about Darnerien
He is still learning the system
Talmen and most of our other WR have been here since Camp.

Darnerien was using a Wrist Band
This gives him his route to Run a play was called..

Talmen is still The Main Man IMO .
If Talmen is healthy he should Start.
I also Like Brock and JoJo

I watched Gardner hobble off at the end of the game. A distinct limp. Looked like his ankle was wrapped.

Glad he's reported to be better.

He took Helment to his lower back
There no Padding on that lower back .

Not on the play in which he got injured and layed down for a while on the south east postion of the field near the sideline .

Watch the replay and you can see that the hit is high.

[url=http://www.darnerien.com]www.darnerien.com[/url] check it out!

holy crap!
guy dresses one game..comes in on a few plays and he is "useless" or "not worth keeping"???...the only ball that was thrown to him,he was intefered with..give the guy a chance..geesh!!


The guy saw what, 10 plays the whole game?

Give me a break.....when he learns the offence, plays a few games and still does nothing, then perhaps we can judge.

However, with his size, speed and athleticism, I think he has a huge upside and I'm excited to see what he can do.

i thought he looked good. he still needs to learn the system but i think he could e for real

IF ticatguy saw him 'doggin' it' on his pass routes
when he wasn't the primary receiver on the play

you can be damn sure Charlie will see it, too,

Mr. Lonely Guy better 'get it in gear'
or he will be 'out on his ear'

with nothing better to do than

Scrub-a-dub-dub relaxin' in the tub.


Shades of Ronnie Knox.