Darnell McDonald?

Does any one have any news on Darnell McDonald. Will he be ready, and play football this year? Or is he still injured?

Later guys!

I sure hope so; he looked very very good on a very very bad Calgary team two years ago; if he's up to form I think Calvillo could turn him into a star; I envision Girard and McDonald as wideouts, Cavil Cahoon and Vaughn as slots in a 5 receiver set. We may not miss Copeland and Anderson as much as originally feared.

I feel the same way you do about McDonald also. Calvillo can make anyone look good. As for Copeland and Anderson, I think were only going to miss Copeland. Personally, I think that Anderson has already been replaced.

I have a feeling McDonald will be dynamite this year at wide receiver. No one had heard of Thyrone Anderson until Calvillo make him a 1000-yard receiver. AC is going to do the same for McDonald.