Darnell McDonald signs with Stamps

...seems like troubled Darnel McDonald has gone back to Calgary ....to carry on his career ....I;m sure the Stamps realize the baggage he carries...he is a talented individual as far as the football field is concerned...but a discontent in the locker room... reason why a couple of teams have let him go......bad attitude....good luck with this one red.....I wish you'd quit signing Bomber cast-offs...is this a sign of desperation in cowtown... :lol:

Ha ha ha Bomber cast off right. He did start in Calgary in 2003 so he just found out after being in Winnipeg he would play for peanuts for the Stamps. Like they say that rats run from a sinking ship. The fact is I thought it was you for your half brother Tank that wanted this guy signed and now he has problems ha ha ha and I guess he is over the hill.

Yes red05 he does have talent, just not enough to crack our top notch recieving core..
So we will send him back to you guys, along with our dirty undershorts...

Thanks Hank we all know that there were lots off poopee pants in the bomber dressing room who is the receiving core you are talking about I do not think I know them. Did they make any catches last year oh ya stats mean nothing ha ha ha

Stats are for you know who.. red05...shall we dance down memory lane once again..lol

There seems to be the potential to do this once more ha haha ha

Back to the topic, so red..is old mcdonald a starting reciever for the stamps, or will he be just special teams.

I think McDonald will be some good depth ... he was good when he was here last, and I was disappointed when we lost him (but I hadn't heard of any locker-room difficulties). No way will he be supplanting a Copeland, Lewis, maybe even Ralph or Juhasz. But it is more depth, which is never a bad thing - and maybe he'll be a diamond in the rough? I have pretty high expectations.

....don't expect too much from McDonald....unless you are high on guys who are in the local clubs ...till closing time just before game day...I wonder how all the other Stamps will like that...could be... we sent one your way in exchange for that great receiver. .. McGarity ..enjoy... :wink:

Well the difference pappa is that Darnel is still in football whereas Mcgarity going down hill to the bombers mad him rethink his work and can now be found at KFC he is the deep fryer guy! Really that is where ex bombers go!

...apparently not all...some end up as Stamps.... :lol:

I guess McDonald was spared the Bomber curse!

good luck to him

Your not going to put your arms around him are you.

I don't even know him! :lol:

Kanga I think you are kidding me now! Saying you do not know him he played for the Bombers last year! You knew you are pulling my chain! Wynn can break chains Kanga

I can't remember this guy, sry.

You would have to be in the Winnepeg bars, to remember him..

justed talked with FM, and now I think he should be traded for a DB or a croner.