Darnell Bing Retires


Darnell Bing ? @DarnellBing
Not sure if "quit" is the best wording, but yes, I'm done “@grnrider: @wwoodsglobal do you follow Darnell Bing? He just quit! @DarnellBing?

It looks like there is a catch to signing older NFL vets: Injuries and a lack of monetary motivation.

Clint oldenburg and Alvin Bowen are similar casualties.

I hope Wynn and Rankin show up to camp hungry and healthy.

He sucked anyway

Who was Darnell Bing?

A Linebacker who was an off season signing by Sask. on March 22

Riders have signed 8 ex'NFL's as LB's? They are down 2..........Bowen and Bing, plus Mo Lloyd.

Surprised Kye Stewart won;t get a chance to tryout again? I saw improvements last season in Kye..........but he wasn;t eye popping like a few other LB'ers I've enjoyed in the last 4-6 yrs (ie, Mo Lloyd and the dude who went Pitt in NFL and now starting MLB for Ticats........he's good).

So, looks like alot of raw import talent trying to get 2 spots. Need a fast bigger guy in the middle. Need another guy to turn himself into Jerrell.............tough shoes to fill but i hope to say wow, that guy plays like Freeman?

Hearing Cdn at linebacker? Can young Shamari improve here? I sure hope so. They told him to trim down and linebacker is more his natural spot? I hope he can come in and turn some heads. McCullough.............always steady and would not be surprised if he could start. He is a smart football player, won't crush guys but he's a smart player.

LB is wide open.

Who's the small backer going to be. Has to tackle like a demon and cover the Geroy's of the league? I'm out of ideas for who this might be?