I forgot what I was gonna say

oh yeah, there is just too much time between games from one week to the next. I realize that from a game attendance perspective it would not work, but from a tv viewer perspective, I wish there would be a game on 4 different days every week. Never two days without a game......sigh

But by making such a hopeful request you'll be ticking off the majority of fans who actually attend the games.

Let me offer you up and example: up until a couple seasons ago, the Argos were constantly jerked around their schedule because the people who owned the then-known SkyDome would give first booking priority to the Jays and other events. The Argos and the league were, in essence, forced to arrange their schedule with the scraps left over. Remember the infamous Wiggles incident? The Argos were originally scheduled to play in the East Semi-Final against Hamilton, but the original date was taken because the boneheads operating the 'Dome at the time booked the Australian kiddie group for that same day. The Argos ended up playing (and winning) their playoff game on the Friday night before.

Fortunately, with the renamed Rogers Centre now owned by the Jays, the Argos now have a little more flexability with their schedule and have since created a more fan-friendly sked with the league by booking their games mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.

totallly agree FYB. I think its even worse when there is only 3 games in a week. Come on Halifax and Ottawa, we need ya to cure my withdrawl :thup:

but with 2 games in 1 day i can sometimes wake up at 11 and watch nonstop football until 10pm when the NFL is on.

I love the CFL schedule this season ! (except for the ‘byes’ that a waste) One of the best features of the CFL, at least for those of us in the EST, is that we can watch every game without monopolizing the TV. Ten Clubs , 5 & 5, would be great for us fantasy players, but it would be more difficult to follow the whole League.

The league needs to have games on the week-ends. If games were midweek, say on Tuesday or Wednesday, attendance would be lower in most centres, especially Saskatchewan. It also works out better for scheduling to have all games on the week-ends, since it’s easier to schedule one week rest periods. It’s hard on the players and coaches if they have less rest time.

.....the players also need breaks between games to heal and prepare for the next game, strategy wise...if you had games played say Wednesday to Saturday then at some point every team would be faced with playing a game on Saturday and then preparing for a game on Wednesday, if Sunday is an off day then you'd only have Monday and Tuesday to prep and that is simply not enough time in this sport..

and its kinda bush league playing a game every 4 days

Yup Fridays or Saturdays are the only days that work good in BC. Any other day and attendance drops quite a big chunk.