Darn those millennials anyhow


is nothing sacred to these very lazy people

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that per-capita consumption of canned tuna has dropped 42% in the last three decades, while consumption of fresh and frozen fish has risen in that time, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture.
I'm theoretically a millennial and kind of love these "millennials killed X" articles! It's inevitably some uncompetitive product blaming the consumer for correctly finding it not worth buying.

Eschewing bad canned food for good fresh food seems like the right move. Good job, fellow millennials. :wink:

but canned tuna is one of my staples :’(

Since when did canned food become bad? The whole previous generation would like to know…It sounds more like you are making excuses for a a group of idiots who can’t figure out how to work the can opener (Is there an app for it?)

Go ahead and enjoy your fresh tuna when you live 1500 MILES from the nearest ocean.

I guess that even though a lot of tuna cans(and other products as well) now come with a pull top tab to make it basically “idiot” proof to open for those that don’t actually own a can opener ? That if it doesn’t also come with “easy step by step how to open” instructions as well then I guess it’s just not worth the aggravation or bother…just ain’t worth buying now is it ? ::slight_smile:


Explain yourself.

when it goes past the best before date :slight_smile:

Q: why are millennials not lining up to get on wheel of fortune.

A: because they would have to manually spin the wheels :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the old joke. . . “did you hear about the [insert here name of group you wish to poke fun at] fellow who burned his feet? He had a can of soup and the instructions said to ‘stand in a pot of boiling water for five minutes’”.

LOL . Good one MJack ;D

Easy step by step instructions for millennials ;D(No can opener required) ;D

Great one Bobo, better than mine ;D

Good one Bobo. BUT…

It’s much easier if they just let mommy do it.

Ironically I had quite a battle with a supposedly ‘easy open’ can of soup last night. lol

Come down here after a hurricane and see how you feel. :wink: