Darn NFL is taking all our good players

Wow. I am shocked about Rycker Mathews. Not shocked that Alex Singleton signed in the NFL.This year Calgary wilk be taking a huge hit. Singleton being a dominant CFL All-Star middle linebacker and being a national is a painfull loss.

Here are the most likely remaining free agents who could sign in the NFL:

Mike Reilly
Bo Levi Mitchell
Kameer Jordon
Eric Rogers
Greg Ellingson
Derrel Walker
Micah Johnson
Willie Jefferson
J’Gared Davis
Adam Bighill
M. Awe ( BC )
Jackson Jeffcoat
Delvin Breaux
Ciante Evans
Kyries Ebert
Aaron Grymes

Any thoughts ? I know Ebert is getting older but still could play Safety in the NFL.

Reilly may sign in Calgary when Mitchell goes to the NFL Ellingson has size, great hands and some speed and 4 straight 1,000 yard seasons. I think he garners some attention though some may think he is not strong or fast enough .

I think guys like Jefferson and J’Gared Davis could get looks at outside linebacker.
I hope teams deem Breaux as too much of an injury risk though we are paying him very handsomely at 200 k
which is about 50 k a year more than any other DB in the CFL.

It should be interesting to see how things play out. I think Calgary will drop in the standings with all their expected losses. I think Edmonton will be toast next year likely losing Reilly to BC, Calgary or the NFL and Likely Derrek Walker while the top CFL receiver Duke Williams is already gone to Buffalo. If WPG can keep Bighill then they would be the team to beat in the West next year alongside Sask especially if SASK can sign Jefferson and get a decent QB.

I think the Ticats can challenge Ottawa in the east since they lost Dionte Spencer and could lose Ellingson and Ebert. If we can sign Banks, Dean, Simoni and Breaux at a minimum ,we should be in decent shape .

With a great new management team with Head Coach Orlando calling the shots and June Jones focusing soley on offence and having CFL Veteran DB and Defensive Co-odinator running our defence in Mark Washington and the return of Reinbold to special teams all should improve the three phases of the game. Signing Palmer and Saunders early on was huge .

Let’s hope there is no strike.

Your comments are always welcome.

It seems there alot of CFL players heading south this year. Seems odd, but thinking about, the NFL has been steadily improving and getting better by styling itself like the CFL, stands to reason they want quicker CFL players to excel at the more pass happy NFL.

This NFL thing just might catch on if they keep following the CFL lead.

might just catch on? tongue in cheek…right?

Im just expressing my CFL superiority complex, imitation ia the greatest form of flattery after all.

It’s hard not to smirk a bit as NFL fans will never miss an opportunity to put down the CFL. :slight_smile:

Sadly, very few, if any of these guys will be more than Training Camp fodder for the NFL.

I wish them well, but…

You are so right Steve…I am always sad to see them leave but looking at things from their view a couple of years down south with the pay grade can set them up for life. Hell if the pay was 10 or 15 times as much up here they all would be heading north…There will always be lots of good players for both leagues!

100% , can’t fault players for seeking their worth, especially on a short career.

Bureaux , can’t see him sticking again in the NFL age , injures look at Thigpen same deal think he will be back hopefully with us ! I’m more worried about the AFL min salary for first year players stealing players , maybe the should bring back the “Marquee player? designation! which is excluded from the teams salary cap to inject some wow factor back in the CFL ?!
Guys like Johnny Manziel if he plays great next season would probably stay up here$$$

Delvin Breaux ! Here’s hoping the 29 year old Delvin Breaux re-signs with the Cats . Delvin Breaux is the best DB that we have .

Pat Lynch (that name again is … .)

Well steal back enough of them after their camp cuts happen. Speaks to the quality of the league.

Never heard of this Ebert guy. Is he a rookie that is getting a shot in the NFL? I know he is half of the movie critic team of Siskel & Ebert.

  1. Hey Top-Cat, I didn’t know who this Ebert guy was either ??

He apparently is 38 years old, but he looks a lot older than that in that movie clip you put up !!!

It must be the same guy…right ?? ::slight_smile: :-[ :-[

Most of these guys will be back; unless they have really developed like BLM.

BLM will also be back!