dark horse

Do you ever notice in pro sports when you are going into the playoffs that there is always one team you're scared to play? BC is that team this year. They remind me of the 2000 team. If they can find a way to claw their way in , watch out! I realize this may get laughed at , but you never know.

Not funny at all jmc. Not funny at all. In other posts I've said that the Lions are a much better team than where they are in the current standings. I can give you at least 3 and possibly 4 games that they had in the bag and let slip between their finger tips. They have 12 points in the standings. They should have 18 or 20 as far as I'm concerned! This last game against Calgary was HUGE in my opinion. There was a lot on the line in the game for Calgary. [Saskatchewan can mathematically still take the division title.] They probably still will succeed but anything can happen and Calgary knows this. Of all teams to lose to it was the Lions.

I did not see the Lions' win over Calgary on Friday as some fluke [although Franklin did help the cause] because when you look at the over all play of the Lions, they played well enough to negate some of their critical mistakes and they beat the top team in the CFL in Calgary's own back yard. The Lions have done this twice now! In a row! I don't think Calgary is going to take B.C. lightly if they meet up again in post-season play.

Calgary is Toast !

You could be right about being a dark horse. However I just don’t see enough true offense. Especially if they do not get the great field position that I think they need.

But they are playing harder and that is a relief. Discipline is worrisome still in my mind.

Edmonton is perhaps a greater dark horse. We’ll see.

On paper, wally has done a really good job bringing in talent for now and the future.
I definitely think anybody can win on any given day in the CFL. Now it's a matter of getting into the playoffs.
Having said that, I believe regardless whether Edmonton or BC make the playoffs, they will be in Calgary for the west final. I don't like the riders at all right now and they've shown throughout the season the ability to lose games to "lesser" teams. The Eskimos are maybe the hottest team in the CFL right now.

I hate to say it, but Edmonton has a greater chance than our Lions to make the playoffs, based on the remaining opponents. Winnipeg does not stand a chance going into Edmonton with a fourth string QB with minimal experience. Then Edmonton gets the Roughriders again and we all know how they are playing. Speaking of which, we better throttle them this weekend!
Stranger things have happened and I thought we could make it by winning 2 of our last 3 games, but now we can't afford to lose any! :expressionless:
Regardless of what happens, I think our future looks promising. The new young players look pretty good (lets try to keep them around for awhile). A little more experience should solidify things. Much to look forward to next year, but I'm still going to cheer them on for the remainder of this season and hopefully into the playoffs! :wink:

Pretty good insights LionsLip. I agree with how the future looks for the LIons. And you're right....Edmonton has an easier time of it playing Winnipeg and then meeting Saskatchewan again. I was surprised Edmonton handled the Roughriders the way they did. Very surprised! I would not be surprised if B.C. and Edmonton tie for total number of points. If that happens Edmonton edges out B.C. and that will really hurt because Edmonton beat the Lions by only a field goal in the third and final meeting of the season.

The Lions' 6 and 10 record is a bit deceiving. Seven of those ten losses were by 7 points or less. So a play her, a play there, avoid a penalty at a bad time here and there and we could have 8-10 wins. The Khalif Mitchell roughing penalty with less than two minutes left against the Bombers cost us one win right there. Sanchez's chirping at the ref was something you'd expect from a rookie, not a multi-year veteran. Printers' unexplainable spate of 7 turnovers in 38 minutes cost us at least one other game and got him released. And remember early in the year when we had the Alouettes all but beaten at Empire, only to squander the lead in the last few minutes. As they say, it's a 60 minute game. Considering all the changes at offensive and defensive lines, with all those starters gone for at least nine games this year, (Sherko, Dean Valli, Steve Williams, Dominie Pittman, Andrew Jones, Aaron Hunt, Jeremy Geathers) we've turned it around reasonably well. Now Sanchez is gone 'til next year. David Hyland has filled in well for Tad Crawford at safety and later for Davis Sanchez at field corner.

I guarantee you that around the league players and coaches are mystified at the Lions' poor win-loss record this year, especially the fourth quarter collapses and blown leads. And coach Chapesdelaine has taken a lot of heat in this forum and in the local media, criticism more deserved by the players.

I think if we can keep this core of key defensive players (Marsh, Banks, Hyland, Franks, Sanchez, Elimimian, Mackenzie, Keron and Steve Williams and Aaron Hunt), continue our solid play on special teams and improve on offence with Lulay at the help, this team can win more than ten games next year and really make some noise in the post-season. But Lulay has to continue to protect the ball and eat it if he's in trouble, or throw it away. You cannot give the opposition 14 points off turnovers in one quarter, just from trying too hard. Watch an NFL game and you'll see the discipline in most starting QBs. If it isn't there they get rid of it and avoid the sack, for the most part.

If we have the chance to play Calgary again in the playoffs, that game might be another barn burner. And who knows who comes out ahead? Saskatchewan is playing poorly right now so they appear somewhat vulnerable as well.

Remember 1994? We were 8 and 10 but got hot at the right time and won three playoff games, the last being that famous Canada-U.S. grudge match against the Baltimore Stallions with Lui Passaglia kicking the winning field goal.

So have faith, Lions fans. Whatever happens in the last two games, next year will be a whole lot better than this year.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

The 8-10 season; The 2000 B.C. Lion's won that Grey Cup. As for the Grey Cup victory in 1994; B.C. finished at 11-6-1. Good write up anyways Dooger in Surrey. :thup:

What a year to remember. With 23 points on the season it was only good enough for 3rd spot in the western standings but got them into the playoffs. They beat out Edmonton [in Edmonton] by a single point in the semi-final. They traveled to Calgary and beat out Calgary by a single point in the western final.

They meet up with Baltimore in the Grey and win the Grey Cup by a field goal. A field goal that was the last play of the game if I'm not mistaken.

1994 Grey Cup
B.C. 26, Baltimore 23

What a phenomenal finish to a great year! Gosh those were the days. Wouldn't it be something if history repeated itself? But first things first. Someone has to put Edmonton's fire out AND the Lions have to show they are contenders by winning their last two games.