Dario Romero signs with Riders


something i grabbed from a poster over on TSN:

They say this is an undisclosed contract but sports network states it was $80,000 for a two year contract plus an option. Had he stayed with Edmonton he was to make 130,000. Now I dont know what Chunky adams was making but I doubt it would have been $80,000 is romero worth the price tag increase...only time will tel

I would bet that Chunky was making 80,000 or more. an 8 year veteran starter in this league usually does.

I would tend to agree. I just thought it was an interesting post if the figures are indeed accurate.

Now how much of an upgrade is this from Chunky, although Adams has been on the decline the past couple of seasons...

i believe it is an upgrade. He has about 5" and 40 lb on Chuncky, which should assist in plugging some wholes. He has a great intensity, albeit it may get him in trouble some times because he can not cap it. I think both players are solid, and their skillset it similar, but Dario gets the edge because of size.