Dario Romero Released

Dario has been released. So I guess Boo Robinson must have impressed in mini-camp. We appear to have many DEs, but not many DTs. Who else can play the interior D-line?

Tearrius George started last year as a BU to Romer and Shologan.

I was left scratching my head a bit as to why he was not brought into camp to compete. I mean, as I said in the Willis thread, I thought Romero might be gone with Boo coming. Seems silly to not make it competitive though.

I could see Williams potentially moving inside, as they do not need him at end at all. I can see them having one of the new ends as a DT backup as well...that would need assessed in camp.

I don't expect to see George make it out of camp on the squad either...unless none of the other DE are viewed as capable of filling in at DT

I see they signed a NFL Vet QB, some DBs and a returner


Williams is too small to play inside. He is only 232lbs. Shologan is 290, Boo is 310.

We signed a 32 Year old QB. ??? I guess he has like 9 years of NFL experience. Maybe a mentor type signing.

Not too happy about the signing of the QB O'Sullivan, I'm fine with Romero, but I'm looking forward to Macho Harris i think it is. Dunno just got a good feeling about him.

He's their best defensive player, at a position where they only have 3 guys (now 2) on the roster.

I have NO CLUE what the f**k Taman is thinking.

best defensive player is going a little far...lack of depth is true. It is all odd, but perhaps they felt he got aggressive about renegotiating his contract...he made 130k with the Esks and only 80 with the Riders...they could have had a big falling out trying to negotiate it... or perhaps have that much blind faith in the younger Boo and are giving him a chance to get on with another club. Or perhaps he wanted out, or perhaps he finally met the new HC and they hated each other...I can imagine one of the first thing discussed was his discipline...to play on the edge but not over it...he may have blown up.

We know no details.

I am more surprised they kept Goodspeed over Oldenburg

I heard a rumor that Williams could move into an interior pass rusher maybe not a bad idea, Romero was old and bases on what I saw was hardly a factor in 2011, where trying to get young and keeping a 34 year old DT doesn't fit the bill. As for Goodspeed he was easily our best linemen last year I think he allowed all but one or two sacks? We draft Heenan and let him learn from him for one, 2 more seasons and Heenan starts and were laughing.

Oldenburg was released due to medical reasons, the team was hoping he would be good, but the injury was acting up I guess.

Were we watching the same games?

As for Goodspeed he was easily our best linemen last year
Agreed there. He and Best. Goodspeed looked really bad on that one sack in Calgary and all the fans wanted him gone,but he was the best tacle in the West division over the first 10 games or so. He had a great year.

I agree. Why has Goodspeed been kept. He should be gone by now.
Romero played better last year then in previous years in terms of the number of penalties he was taken. It is good to have a few intense guys out there on the line. Picks the team up, as long as it isn't over done with dumb penalties. I'd have kept him as a backup (contract issues depending) until the new talent proves out. He'd have been like a cat unleashed coming off the bench when needed.

2 Sacks and 34 Tackles? Compared to other Dlinemen across the league that is not what you would call outstanding..

So then by what you're saying, is it fair for me to say that statlines are the total bottom line for a scouting report?

As for me, I watch the games. Romero was great. Other than Freeman, he was easily their best defensive player. He was a total force inside. Riders didn't give up a ton of yards up the middle. Cornish carved them to the outside all day. Romero/Shologan was probably the best DT combo in the league, I think only Doug Brown was better.

As for his hot head, name one instance where he put the team in trouble this year. I don't recall any specifically, although I'm sure he probably had 1 or 2 major fouls like anyone else. I know he has had temper problems in Edmonton and Montreal, but he did a great job last year keeping it in check in my opinion. Chris Best is the loose cannon that needs to learn some control. Tearrius George a disqualification waiting to happen, if you watch his body language after the whistle on several occasions he was very lucky last year to not get flagged - yapping, pushing, shoving.

George should not be on the roster. Totally not good enough. If he gets Romero's spot I'll be soooo pissed.

Prairiedog72…I totally agree…well said.

I wonder if they are considering putting Xavier Fulton as a backup? He can play OT, and also played DE until a couple years into his post secondary days...he now has the size to get by as a DT. This would be a fairly interesting move.

I mentioned the same elsewhere.

Strange with all the solid moves by Taman in 2012,then we see a blunder like this.