Darian unimpressed with "magic" label

"We're tired of being labelled lucky or magical or whatever the word is."



Anyone else tired of the Rider magic thing?

It's good execution by good players who know how to stay calm to rally when necessary to win those close games.

Hope they play well in the west final.

Go Riders!

I really do not think there is anything wrong with being "magic". Then again, I am currently a little drunk.

it's the media creating an excuse, to not call the Riders a legitimate good team.

they figure if they use Magical or Lucky.. then they can say "see they're really not that good... :roll: "

Argo's were magic up tp today. Riders are a good team plain and simple!

Good way to put it.

Thank-you. I'm sure we can agree to support our team, so Go Green, stay humble and wait until the fat lady sings to start celebrating. Time killing drives like today against the Als would be nice too!

The Riders are talented, no question. I think it comes down to this -- if the eight teams played every game at their fullest potential, we'd be playing Hamilton, not Montreal, next week. The Riders were just focused enough to have, what, at least eight come-from-behind victories this season because frankly they work well under pressure -- I doubt there's a coach out there that wouldn't want that for his team! GO RIDERS!

We beat the two hottest teams in the CFL, and now the number one team. It looks good for us right now. Very focused team play right now. :rockin: