Darian signs new contract

[url=http://www.riderville.com/2016/01/20/darian-durant-signs-new-contract-for-2016/]http://www.riderville.com/2016/01/20/da ... -for-2016/[/url]

Well that is good news and I suspect puts an end to the Harris issue. I can’t see them getting Harris after this. Porbably a drop in salary and as long as Darian is good with it then this is a good thing.

With back to back season ending injuries Darian now has a full year to prove he is back - and if he does then he holds all the cards going into 2017. If on the other hand he has another serious injury then he can retire as a Rider and hopefully move into a coaching position.

I am happy to see him signed and look forward to seeing him play finally lol

Great news...the 1 year aspect seems to indicate that this is likely minimizing roster bonus and probably a lower salary...prove you are back and then we will talk scenario. Twitterverse is saying it is a modest trimming. Not much out there on if it is incentive driven yet, but some speculation it is a massive upfront cashwad...meaning he would absolutely be the 2016 QB. I thought it would be a bigger trim...but this seems to be very reasonable. If the signing bonus is true then that is fairly concerning, though it would show very strong confidence he is going to be fit to go coming into camp

I still think there is potential on Harris being looked at. IMO it really comes down to 3 things:

  • Is Montreal going to go after him as a successor to Glenn and do they have the room
  • Is Willy ready to come back
  • Where is Wally's head at with his QB situation

I wouldn't necessarily say that Doubles is guaranteed a full season to prove himself. I don't think Jones would have an issue pulling Durant earlier if things don't work out.

I don't think Jones would let the "needs time to adjust to new receivers" excuse drag on too long.

Great to here Durant has signed for 2016 season.

Agreed. I would think that Jones will expect them to be fairly on the same page 3 games in...IF they pretty much know their starting guys early on. It still takes time...that is true with any QB/WR

It does to some extent but DD is the only QB I know in recent history that the media continuously made that excuse for two years ago when he didn’t have Dressler. Heck Glenn walked in here last year and right out of the gate looked the most comfortable with his receiving crew. Nicoles went to Winnipeg and caught on quick with his crew. When RR went to TO he also didn’t have an issue, etc, etc.

I also expect Jones to actually expect it sooner given that he likes to keep his starters in pretty much all game for the preseason games.

DD does and always has bled GREEN.
IMHO, I think the Resolution of DD’s contract was/is a demonstration of smarts and dedication on Darian’s part; knowing that doubts about his ability to come back injury free were the reality and he I believe adjusted given that reality.
I personally see this professional athlete and QB going out in 2016 and turning heads. DD is a challenge taker and I suspect he’s up to the chore. :cowboy:

I think a big part of this is happening is how Jones handled it. Jones started his posting in Regina, flew home and immediately jumped in his car and drove a few hours and knocked on Durants door. They spent some time talking about the vision for the team and restructuring the contract. That was last year, right after Jones started. It shows an immense amount of respect that the first time they talked was in this fashion, and is most probably a massive factor in DD negotiating. If you have not listened to that interview I recommend it.

Saw the video of Phone interview. Interesting and professional in all responses.