Darian Durant

Short term solution for the Cats, trade the rights to Manziel to an interested team, Maybe Montreal.
Get a good young Canadian starter preferably an O Lineman and perhaps a draft choice.
Sign Durant, I'm sure at his age he'd be happy to be a Backup somewhere.

Durant looked pretty banged up last year. Can't see any team inking him.

Father time has caught up with Durant...hopefully happy retirement.

Kevin Glenn...yes
Darian Durant...no

Unfortunately Glenn was signed by Edmonton and is no longer available . So that's a no go . As for Durant at this stage of the game ? Based on the last two years ? Thanks but no thanks . Personally I'm hoping that Dan LeFevour finds his way back to Hamilton in Free Agency as Masoli's back up this season .

Is Dan LeFevour a FA...even better. I thought he was still property of Winterpeg.
There is my backup!!!

And Lefevour was a gem on one yard plunges. Maybe would get Jones away from the shot-gun on 3rd and 1!

Yes LeFevour is definitely a pending FA among a very small crop of mostly otherwise mediocre QB's with considerably less upside and desirability . LeFevour is probably the best available option on the market when you look at what else is available out there to be signed especially if you eliminate both Ray and Lulay from the list . Chances are good that neither will get to FA and will either be re-signed by their current teams or perhaps even end up retiring before the season starts .

Here's a list of the QB's that are pending FA's if not signed back by their former teams before the FA deadline . As you can see pickings are slim indeed . * beside Ray and Lulay as they are both realistically not options .

Hamilton.....................Everett Golson
Montreal.....................Drew Willy / Jacory Harris
Toronto......................Cody Fajardo / Ricky Ray*
B.C............................Travis Lulay*
Winnipeg....................Dan LeFevour
Released Montreal......Darian Durant

I think LeFevour would do well in a June Jones Offence,
Plus he has worked with Masoli before
It might take a pretty strong contract offer to pry him away from WPG

Darian Durant could not even guide his own career well in Montreal.

And he's going to be trusted to advise someone else??

Hopefully he winds up in Winnipeg backing up Nicholl as a replacement for LeFevour who hopefully winds up back here as our 2nd string behind Masoli .

Durant signs with Bummers,
Perhaps we can get LeFevour now! :wink:
He is a free agent and IMHO will not be re-signed by WPG now

Why all the excitement over Lefevour? Obviously hes been deemed not good enough so why would he suddenly be good enough here?

Standards are supposedly too high for Manziel but not for a career scrap-heaper like Lefevour?

If there was an award for the most fickle fanbase…

I think LeFevour would do pretty good in a June Jones type offence.
Veteran QB, 6'3" 236lbs big body, fast, powerful, outstanding short yardage guy, played seasons in Hamilton and with Masoli before and would come in for way less $$ than Manziel and way less baggage.
If Manziel does get signed, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a couple of veteran CFL QB's that came out of big US university programs themselves to keep him on the straight and narrow.

If LeFevour hopes to match Glenn’s feat of playing for all the teams in the league, he needs to look elsewhere rather than retracing his steps. Four down, five to go.

Dont need a "short yardage guy". We need a QB if Masoli goes down. Limited skill set means nothing if hes called on to salvage games or even a season.
Clearly WPG saw the same thing and wasted no time rectifying it.


All signs point to a long off season when the likes of LeFevour are being mentioned as a hopeful signing.

Weak arm, poor decision making... Oh his 1 yard plunge is epic!

So your suggestion as to who fits that bill for us to sign as the backup that will "salvage games or even a season" if Masoli goes down??
We certainly don't have one of those in Golson or Evans right now

The fickle fanbase awaits your suggestion

Which is why Durant or a similar experience level is a good idea. No guarantees but at least put the odds more in your favour

Durant signed with WPG, any other suggestions, Kevin Glenn, Oh Wait

Anyone with experience and a skill set beyond plunges and sneaks