Darian Durant

I thought it was very interesting that Durant was put in during the 4th quarter last night, to mop up. To me that says they are interested in this guy. Crandell should only be out for another 2 or 3 more games, so you would think Durant is only there for the next couple of games in case of an emergency. So why would he even see the field if the 1st 2 guys are perfectly healthy? So if they're interested in seeing how Durant does, maybe they're considering Crandell or Butler for a trade. Any thoughts?

Maybe, they didnt want to risk any injury to either KJ or Rocky... Because Marcus is out for those 2-3 weeks, the riders dont want to have QB injury problem. What if they put ROcky in, and he broke his leg? then they would have 2 QB's...

There was a reason why Durant didn't throw a pass. He was just in to finish the game

Maybe the Riders see Crandell as expendible, as Rocky is coming on. Durant looked good...a smaller version of Butler?

That would make the most sense. Lose Durant, you really haven't lost anyone. You can always get Khari Jones if you need a clipboard holder.

Lose Rocky, and you lose Congi's holder AND a proven backup.

I like what I see so far from Darian. He is a bigger QB, built like Donovan McNabb. All we have really seen so far in games have been him handing off to Dorsey or Bracey late in games. His arm looks good in practice, looking forward to seeing him play. Probably won't see him in any substantial game action until next preseason if he is still around.

But lose Crandell and what have you lost? A good backup true enough. But the way Rocky's been playing, he's a very adequate backup. And that way we keep a promising young qb in Durant.

whats happening with this Eugene guy ?

Yup you dont want to Rub there noses in it by scoring my points...especially with the next game in the Peg