Darian Durant won’t play this week

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 11m
According to @murraylp & others, #Riders QB Darian Durant won’t play this week vs. #Ticats

Gives us a much better chance of a much needed win!

A better chance, sure. But receivers will need to haul in those balls and HANG ONTO THEM.

Heading into next week, we are an excellent 2nd in the league on rush D. If we can force Tino Sunseri to hang onto the ball, we stand a chance there. His passing numbers are pretty soft for the few games he's played in the CFL. Of course, we can't blow coverage in our own secondary like we did in the second half of a game we'd all rather forget. It was recent, right? :roll:

This'll be a crucial match like all those going ahead. But setting the tone for our 4 weeks against the west with a win sure would be nice...

I still don't like our chances considering the Green Machine has A. Allan, J. Messam and W. Ford who will run through our defence like Swiss cheese. A team that values the run and the pass will have much more success than a team who uses the run as an after thought. I smell a Green Machine blow out!

When Cats win it wont be because they learned from yesterday's debacle; it will be because DD wasn't the QB. That will be according to TSN of course.

While considering that the last 4 times that we've played the Riders,they have absolutely Hammered us each time out,we might actually give them a game for a change. Let's just hope that we don't do what this team has been prone to do in the past,and that is whenever we have faced a 2nd stringer or an unknown QB we make him look like an All-Pro(remember Rocky Butler :oops: )Anyway the Riders are riding a 7 game win streak and have been playing lights out football in that streak,maybe,just maybe they are due for a letdown and hopefully we can play a full 60 minutes of ball for a change.The way that the Riders have smacked us around the last 4 games,I think that we owe them a little payback.If ever were going to defeat the Greenies,this sounds like the best shot we are going to get without Durant in the lineup and it being a home game to boot.Finger crossed,hope and pray,let's get er done !!!!! :cowboy:

The last 4 games vs the Riders

2013 @ Sask......37-0
2013@ Ham......30-20
GREY CUP........43-24
AVG SCORE.....SASK-33.....HAM-13

Won't matter who the Rides have at QB they have too many weapons at almost every other position to compensate for durants loss. Tino sunseri (if he does start) permormed admirably @ BC place in the guarantee win night when Durant went down and Sunseri had to finish the game....

Then last year, when the Rides visited Guelph in Drew Willys first career start for the Rides to substitute for an injured Durant, we still got torched by the Rookie QB finding dressler on every second down pass seemingly and then they spent most of the second half running the ball down our throats with sheets.....

for some reason even though history has shown we should not count our chickens before they are hatched, some fans here like to proclaim the game over when we build a lead. Said it in the game thread yesterday, its not over and we had not even reached half time. Guess what? We lost. No Durant means nothing when it comes to the Tabbies.

It's too bad Durant isn't playing. It would have been nice to beat them at their best. I agree if the Cats do win it will be because of Durant being out according to TSN. One thing for sure, it will be very tough to beat the Riders and at 2-7 the Cats are in no position to guarantee a victory.

IF we win i'm pretty sure everyone not just TSN will be saying that.

we're improving but we are not at Sask's level.

We'll probably make the backup look like Warren Moon, kinda like we did with Willy last year. :frowning:

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 4m
BREAKING: @dariandurant announces he will undergo surgery this week and miss the rest of the #CFL season.

Eric Anderson ?@ericandersonCBC 5m
#Riders release statement saying Darian Durant done for the season. Torn tendon in his right elbow. Requires surgery.

Wow!!!! That is huge,and should change the landscape in the Wild West. Durant done in Saskie,Lulay done in BC,Reilly questionable in Edmonton.This has not been a red letter season when it comes to QB's and injuries,Buono as usual now looks like a genius with the Glenn trade and with Huff having both Bo Levi and Tate still on the roster barring some unforeseen circumstances should ride right into the Grey Cup this season,as long as they don't do their usual folderoo in the play-offs that is.Suddenly this season is looking interesting again and it now looks like we will see what last years COY Chamblin is made out of as a head coach without his number one guy to rely on.

Bad luck for DD. Hope he can recover quickly and easily. Bad luck for the league as well. A star sidelined.

Also bad for the Cats. As others have stated previously, I would rather the Cats win against the best rather than the back-ups.

Tino is going to get some playing time but will be under the microscope for sure in the Regina market.

Ouch gone for the year

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4840703-cfl-roughriders-qb-darian-durant-out-for-the-season-with-elbow-injury/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/484 ... ow-injury/[/url]

This has been a virtual guarantee over the past decade or so. Whether or team is winning or losing, rookie QBs always look like superstars against us.

That's why the ticats have to play like their playing against Warren Moon in his prime! This team can take nothing for granted.

QB’s out for the year so far
Other QB’s lost time
Reilly- injured hand- 2gms and counting
Collaros- 6 games

There is one QB who stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to durability. And it's not even a close race. That's right ... the oldest QB in the league, Mr. Henry Burris.

Alas,a sad but very true statement when it comes to our Cats. :cry: I can't help but feel that this team will once again as it's been happening all season long will once again find a new way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.Even without Durant in the lineup I still wouldn't be chalking up a victory in this one with the way the Cats have continually imploded game after game all season long.It would be great and fantastic to hang a loss on the Riders,lord knows that we owe them one or two with the way they have B-slapped us lately whenever we have played them......but I for one am not going to count my chickens before they hatch,and like others have said earlier if we do manage to pull out a win all we will hear is Big Deal!! the Riders would've slaughtered them if Durant was playing.

At least with Tino, we actually have some game film of him. Most others have come in as relative unknowns, giving us no opportunity to prepare.