Darian Durant watch - July 25th

ok Durant has thrown 1 TD and also a ball into the dirt that could have been a first down pass!

nothing spectacular so far.

ok, he's doing good!

leads a big 103yd Drive down inside the 20 and then runs in for a TD! to give our team a 22-0 lead!

B+ for Durant!

see, in order for Darian to be successful you must run plays like the ones on this current drive (with Foord) sometimes he still makes little mental errors like that under throw! he needs to be more consistent!

why is Durant rushing his throws he's getting time. he would not have grounded so many balls if he takes his time. He needs to get a little more comfortable, see how the seconf half goes, no INTS thats good and no fumbles

yeah I think it's his ability.. or lack there of to find the right guy to throw to!

he has a long way to go before he truly is a good QB in this league.

ok, Durant has gone stone Cold!

he's messing up, over throwing his passes and under throwing into the dirt more and more tonight..

See folks? Durant is NOT the answer.

he's brutal. And that fat pig Ken MIller I hope chokes on his next hamburger.

Durant needs to be replaced. he is the reason this game has been lost!

It's Durants fault today boys, not the O-Line!

good drive, he seemed to recover a little there towards that TD.. good call on the 2pter too.

still not too happy.

ok, final report card?


Durant is not the QB for this team. HE is the reason this team lost today!

we had a 22-0 win and our Offense could not maintain any drives..

if you think about it, our defense set up 14 of those 22 points!

our offense barely had anything except for like 2 drives!

Durant is a joke.. but you know Miller, he'll keep him in.

Definitely Durant’s fault today! I am not ashamed to say that we might have one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league. Durant obviously can’t do it, time to give someone else a shot… Jyles, Bell, etc…

We can’t wait any longer, we HAVE to do something now. On the topic of doing something right away, we should definitely look at picking up Reggie Hunt because Kornegay and Lucas are banged up and Armour looks like he is out for the year with that rediculous leg fracture!

Durant will take the blame. But we was not the sole reason we lost that game. The injuiries are the biggest concern for me, more than Darian. With B. Johnson a ways away and a minor shoulder separation to John Chick, it could be tough going on all sides of the ball for the Riders. The Riders lost in the Trenches on both sides of the ball.

Johnson was placed on the 9-game this week. He's more than a "ways away" now, unfortunately.

this should have never happened Durant did not play welll, how many grounded balls atleast 5? I also blame once again the play calling, it was brutal, i could tell when Cates would get the ball and i'm sure so did the Esks, no variety in the offensive play calling well 2 tough games coming up and they most likely will have a losing record after that. Durant had lots of time to throw but could not make anything out of it same old play caling its so easy for other teams to pick up and they will get eaten up all year if they keeep doing this, its not all Durants fault.