Darian Durant Retires

Maurice Price. Signed with the Riders, got a 30K signing bonus and had no intention of ever coming back to the CFL.

Marc Olivier Brouillette retired last year on the eve of training camp and it was reported that he intended to return his bonus. He did come back to play with half way through last season tho.

I can't see it. He the BOG was pretty pissed off at him in the end. He had some pretty bigtime support on the BOG, but lost most of it before the end of that 2016 season via some antics. He did an amazing job of souring most of those relationships. I could see something in a couple years maybe...but right now I tend to think there is still a fair bit of bitterness....both ways.

I didn't know was he signed by them after the draft .

Time to get in the game with a week to go before training camp.


What a slimy thing to do by Durant! He takes the bonus, then retires. He also retires a week from the start of training camp. The Bombers gave him a life line by signing him, and Durant screws them 2 ways.

Let this be his legacy...

The bonus for signing… he signed. So unless the Bombers can prove he had no intention of playing out the year at the time of signing, it is his money.

Hold on. First the Rider's forum is acting funny and then Durant retires unexpectedly ! Maybe there is a conspiracy afoot......Lyle ?

Just to play devils advocate, Durants moral argument can be that he was dumped by the Als a day before he was due a $150,000 bonus the 2nd year of a 3 yr. contract the Als had agreed to. That it works both ways.

I agree. It works both ways. They could possibly look to include contract guarantees in the next CBA, but I suspect the owners would rather just keep it the way is. They have to take a loss occasionally in a situation like this, but they also save a lot by cutting contracted players whenever they see fit.

What does screwing over the Bombers have to do with the Al's treating him poorly. Ripping off Peter to hurt Paul doesn't make sense. I understand what you're getting at though.

As HfxTC correctly states nothing legally was wrong but this may just be another chapter in the dishonour of contracts that we have seen lately. Sad that a man's word means nothing.

I don't forget this kind of action.

I assume this guy is a pocket passer :o

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Just a guess, but expect the next CBA negotiation to involve teams wanting to be able to recoup signing bonus $ from players who accept it and then retire. #CFL

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The complication is this: in order for the Non-Resident Signing Bonus to be eligible for 15% withholding, it must be considered a “true? Signing Bonus, which - by definition - must be unconditional. Once conditions are attached, amount can’t be withheld at 15%.
12:16 PM - 11 May 2018

Some say Durant tried to fleece the Riders but Jones saw thru that and didn’t bite.

Same folks say Durant fleeced Montreal because he was hiding an injury and yet still demanded (and got) $500K.

Now we see that he took the Bombers $70K, while perhaps planning on retiring all along.

None of the above points to a team first type of player.

Mixed feelings here on Doubles.

My hope Dan is when they negotiate the next deal. Both sides create a structure that is transparent. Stop lying to fans, players....

-Contracts should be public.

  • Whatever is owed for that calendar year should be guaranteed. No more signing players and releasing them before they've even had a look. Swapping them out like pieces of meat.

-Standard contracts. No side deals. no bonuses, no incentives. All money must be paid between game 1 and 18

  • Football op budgets part of SMS.

Can't blame the guy for making as much money as he was legally allowed, it is distasteful but his right. The idiots are Reed and Walters. Walters even worse. Anyone who saw Durant play last year should have known he was FINISHED.

Goodstuff at least he was given a camp spot . Nice to see .

He is short but he looks like he can scramble a bit and throw from the few vids I watched him in .

Also From the interview he looks like he has some moxie and a little chip on the shoulder that can be used as motivation to succeed .

Very good point.

I seem to remember some, mostly Bomber fans, making fun of Jones for a similar situation a few years ago. Karma lol.

I don't begrudge Durant keeping the bonus at all.

The company known as the CFL and it's members do this continually to it's players. GMs are applauded for it everywhere as good money managers. Why would a player not do it. Only makes sense doesn't it.

Durant was due by contract to receive a bonus of $150,000 by Montreal and was released the day before. He got some of it back now.

Not sure why he is getting flack. And I'm no big fan of his.

But I'm not saying anything new here.

Seriously though, Durant lost his spark/heart (no desire) not in the game anymore. One play I remember from last year is the grounded football pass to Big Nik Lewis, disappointment written all over it on that play in Montreal.