Darian Durant Retires

Thanks to DD for the years of great football he brought to Sask & for his part in the 2013 Grey Cup win. All the best to him in his future endeavours!

Congrats on your career in the CFL and the success you had here in Saskatchewan Darian. All the best in whatever your future holds.

That being said, I don’t understand why he didn’t let the Bombers know (a team he was under contract with) that he was retiring. They found out on social media and now are scrambling to fill a backup role for training camp. I don’t get that, a Abe there were some issues there, who knows. I also would suggest that Darian was injured all along, even when he left Saskatchewan. His performance and capabilities past 2-3 years wasn’t reflective of a healthy Darian Durant.

Pretty poor way to tell the Bombers through "social media".

His play took a tumble off a cliff the last few years.

Bombers ask for the $70K in bonus money back and DD said pound sand.

This is something that he had planned from the start and the Bombers were his sucker.

I wonder if Darian will sign a one day contract and retire as an Alouette. ::slight_smile:

Well hey Bombers if yer looking for a back-up QB to carry a clipboard behind Nichols this season give the Cats a call . I hear that they have this guy on their Neg list that apparently is a real ringer and a can’t miss Super Star that might just be the greatest 2nd string QB in CFL history. Also from what I hear from some apparently if you sign this guy that you will be guaranteed to sell a gazillion jerseys this season . Oh and one more thing , memo to Matt Coates , be prepared to give up yer #2 jersey when this guy comes to town :D.

He's a Riders true and true. Good career, not ending very well but hey he is off to the sunset now. No point to grind him

Tricks for Hicks. Hobo Durant found a live one in the bomber organization, who were exposed as having Washington General type QBs as their backups last season.

Wad Miller won't sue for return of the $70,000. It would attract bad publicity to compound bad publicity. Wad eats the money and directs his shredded scouting staff to find another hobo!
Is Jared Lorenzen down to 350?

The West doesn't need "star" attractions to sell tickets.

That's the East's providence. :smiley:

LoL !!! And for all those of you who are wondering just who in the Hell is Jared Lorenzen ?

Also known as the "Hefty Lefty" late of the NFL's NYG and after that Arena League fame . Lorenzen unbelievably won a Super Bowl ring as Eli Manning's back-up in 2007 when they defeated and upset the 18-0 New England Patriots . :o

BREAKING: Retirement has been delayed,
Someone intercepted the retirement papers when he tried to turn them into the League Office :wink:

Probably doesn't happen but if I were Wad Miller I'd be sending Durant a legal letter demanding return of the signing bonus.

Let it ride thru the courts if Durant refuses. No other team will touch him with a 4 foot pole - other than the riders we're he'd be welcomed into their front orifice as a Vice President of Standing Around.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And he can return a portion of his salary he received too. :wink:

While I don't like these kinds of things happening...unless there was some sort of condition in the contract around it, then it would be laughed out of court and DD knows it. Seeing as he has already been paid, it is most likely that any conditions are already met. He wouldn't even need a lawyer for this one.

Yes...he and Jones are "super tight" so I would imagine they are on the phone already.

All this said...IIRC, even if he returned it, it would be cash in pocket for the Bombers, but not SMS. I believe that when Brouillette expressed a desire to return his bonus last season it was determined it was still a cap hit.

You might as well give undrafted Noah Picton a shot as a number 3 . He might surprise you in a good way .

So trade with the Argos?

I don't think there is anything legal the Bombers can or will do.

There was a receiver a couple of years ago signed with Jones and the Riders and received his signing bonus and retired before training camp. I don't think he had to repay it.

Personally, I think it should be returned, but I don't think he has to.

As for joining the Riders office. As long as Jones is here, you will have better luck finding mountains in Saskatchewan.

Ironically, Saskatchewan has higher elevations that Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia and PEI, and has several peaks that classify as mountains (1000ft), mainly concentrated within the Cypress Hills area.

sooooooo......you are saying it is likely? :smiley: