Darian Durant released from Als

I'll be amazed if he isn't in Blue and Gold by Wednesday. Lapolice, Dressler. Winnipeg with him as backup would be set up pretty nice for the coming season at Q.B. That's at 125,000 - 150,000 guaranteed, plus plus, plus if he plays, IMO.

That's the theory but Wad Miller is counter-intuitive. He'll nix the idea if he's breathing enough good air to watch the last 30 or 40 Durant throws. Mostly, Durant was taking the shine off guys shoes with his dirtball throws - also killing whatever gophers were left on artificial turf.

The only thing Durant offers is his strength in the pocket and refusal to go down easy when pursued by under-sized CFL d-linemen and LBs. As for his arm = it should be donated to medical science with other errant cannons like Max Hall, TJ Rubley, etc.

Do you know for sure whether Durant declined to take a haircut on his big-time CFL salary? What makes you think he'll take one becausePlop & Weston Dressler give him a ring?

Frankly if I were the bombers and had $150k to spend on a #2 QB I would have snapped up 5’8 1/2", 210 lb., 38/39 yr old Kevin Glenn well before giving 35/36 yr old, 5’11" 1/2, 235 lb. Darian Durant the time of day!

Glenn reads in far easier to a playbook than DD. He’s also got a quicker release and far greater accuracy. Neither guy has much power or velocity on throws over 35 yards.

Neither guy offers much in the way of escapability. Glenn goes down fairly easily on first contact while Durant, a far more powerful man can hang in with guys draped on him before tossing his errant pics.

Glenn always has an idea of what he’s supposed to do and usually executes it - win or lose.
Durant is a far slower learner who can no longer lead a pro football team to the promised land. Durant is an injury prone specimen while Glenn has been relatively injury free the last half decade or so.

At any dollar figure $100k, $150k, $200k Glenn is the better bargain, far and away!

Well that franchise experiment did not last long.

Not DD's fault.

The O system would not have worked for anyone.

Best of luck to DD.

Combined total CFL passing yardage, assuming Montreal enters the season with Freeman, Shiltz and Pipkin: 399 yards. (Keep Jacory Harris in the fold and they're over 500.)

Combined total for Edmonton, current roster: over 75,000 yards

Durant needs to retire. He was great until the injuries mounted the last few seasons and last year he showed he's got nothing left. I don't want to see him tarnish his legacy any further.

I don't know anything for sure. I think he will take a trim off the top because that is all he is really worth, he's not going to be starter anywhere. I think he will go to the Peg because of his familiarity to some of their personnel and because I think the Bombers will want him there. As for the Ring, only if Riders fold this off season. :smiley:

Disagree in that it was not DD's fault. Not entirely his fault but his poor play certainly did not help.
A JR QB could have better accuracy.

I'm probably in the minority here but I think Durant is not done and would be very good and possibly elite back-up. If pushed into starting I think he can still win in this league.

I've always seen him as almost a totally 'confidence driven' and insecure player. He has to feel total confidence in himself and needs to get that from those around him. He's like lot of us when we golf. If we screw up that first drive or miss that first 3 footer we suffer there after.

That's why he was at his best when father figure Ken Miller was in Sask amd Montreal even brought the old guy back in. But it was too late.

With the pressure off him I think he would be a great back-up. I thought he would end up in Edmonton actually. Should Ray retire he could be good in TO too. Or even in BC if Lulay can't make it back and Jennings is the starter. Winnipeg could benefit from him as well although I don't think they need him as much. I think more highly of Lefevor than most it seems.

…Quite agree that Durant is not done…His play last year matched the team, as a whole, where he played and not at all indicative of his talent…Let’s face it the Als. were mediocre to bad last year AND let’s also not forget IF Darian signs in the Peg, he will be going in as a back-up…a solid no 2. on a contender…Could make all the difference in the world…Durant will also be playing with a familiar face in Dressler and an offensive coach in Paul Lapolice, who knows Darian quite well…If anyone can extend Durant’s career…even as a solid back-up it’s Lapo…He will most likely be signed by the Bombers shortly and I see it as a solid move.

Personally I don't think Lapo is a good fit with back-ups as a rule. When HC of bombers he stated clearly that he doesn't spend ANY time with back-up QBs. No reps at all in practice Perhaps OShea has a different philosophy.

Buono has a philosophy of giving the back-up QB at least 1/4 of reps. He's developed Dickenson, Garcia, Printers, Pierce, Jackson, Lulay, Reilly, Jennings all as original back-ups.

Winnipeg or BC would be a good fit. The major difference between DD and Glenn is that Glenn accepts his role as back up/mentor. That doesn't mean Glenn isn't a warrior and still wants to be the leader .... it just means he has accepted his role. I am not so sure DD is ready to embrace a role other than starter.

I am sure he will sign and will play for a few more years. If he is ready to change his role he will be signed within weeks - If not he may sit into next season until someones starter goes down and they turn to plan B and bring him back in. I would hope that DD doesn't become "that guy" and instead picks a team like BC were he would have a better shot at working back to #1 vs Winnipeg were the #2 spot is all that's in sight for several years

Wish the best for DD, he can be an excellent qb but like Glenn, can be bad as well. I'll take Glenn over DD as I think Glenn has a more even personality set albeit when Durant is on and able to run the ball, he can be real effective.

Wrong. He was still effective and playing well in Regina.

He still had 1 or 2 good years left, but were ruined.

If the Al's knew they were going to dump him, they should have tried to make a deal for Collaros.

Whatever, that is their problem.

multiple teams were interested in Zach but SSK had the offer that made the most sense according to Kent

Alouettes have no second round pick - Thank you Kavis Reed for giving up your 2nd and 4th in order to acquire the QB that Chris Jones had NO interest in keeping - so all they could not "beat" the Riders in that regard. They do was offer the #1 overall pick. MAYBE they could have offered that #1 for Collaros and Hamilton's two second rounders (the third was from the Collaros trade) but I don't have enough confidence in Collaros to suggest that would have been a good idea to try ... let alone that Hamilton would have taken it.

For a guy with one year left on his contract for $560 000.00 Only way you can make that deal is if the guy is willing to come to your team. The Als need to develop their own QB. They don't have anything to spare to buy their way out of this.

Did you look at his stats before posting this? His accuracy was 65.7%. In 15 games played he threw for 3233 yards, 15 TD's and unfortunately 16 Int's. That said, Mike Reilly had 13int's, Glenn had 14 while mixing reps with Bridge. Had Durant played all 18, he could have easily been in the 4000 yrd range with 20 TD's or more.

Those aren't bad numbers, considering the team around him.