Darian Durant Is An Alouette

Just heard this on the radio on the way into work.

Riders get 2 draft picks.

I was surprised. I knew his days in Riderville were done, but I thought he would end up in Toronto or Winnipeg.

I'm surprised Winnipeg didn't make a play for him, given Durant's history with LaPolice. Maybe they're confident about re-signing Nichols. Toronto, no. That organization is in just as much if not more turmoil than ours at the moment and they already have one aging veteran QB on the roster (Ray).

Maybe Darian didn't want to go to Toronto or Winnipeg, he is a free agent.

Or the Alouettes made the best offer for the trade. I'm not sure if he would have much say in where his rights got traded since he can still wait a month to become a free agent.

I really don't like what Jones is doing to the Roughriders. Who exactly is the face of that franchise now? Rob Bagg? Everyone there is new. People like cheering for teams, but they also like cheering for their favourite players. It would suck for the Als, but I kind of hope that Durant doesn't sign with them and somehow re-signs with the Riders. It's better for the league to have franchise quarterbacks and legend-building.

Durant took a pay cut last year and ended up with a worse Oline out of the deal and now was offered a Kevin Glenn type contract...

Jones blaming last season on Durant is tragic comedy.

...anything is possible under the multiple universe theory...

even Bo Levi with the O-Line that we had to protect the QB last year would have had maybe 2 more wins than Durant last year.
at least Montreal has a better O-Line than the Riders do.


I agree. I wonder what Jones would have said if Reynolds told Jones he had to take a 200k pay cut because "We only won five games with you Chris" ?

The way Jones sees it, from his presser

Jones: "We won 5 ball games with Darian last year; that's reality."

The way I see it

They lost 13 games with Jones as HC last year; that's reality.

But this is the CFL, where the old boys club gets away with murder...

Yeah, funny how you can hang 13 losses on one player but not on the guy who is GM, VP Ops, and head coach. :lol:

Ditched Durant's two top receivers and replaced them with green rookies. Gave him the worst Oline in the league... They hypocrisy is frightening.

Same old Peter Principle: we all rise to our level of incompetence. :smiley:

He's not an Alouette yet. They just traded for his rights and he's a UFA. They still have to sign him to a contract.

If Jones's giant ego didn't get in his own way he'd still be with a solid Eskie's team. He has really crapped the bed so far with the Riders.

I think Durant can still be effective behind a decent o-line and decent run game.

What's sad for Rider fans is that Jones will be out of town the minute he gets his NCAA opportunity. Jones has never showed any, any loyalty to an organization.

Well, he did stay with Montreal for the first five years of his CFL coaching career (2003-2007). But that's the longest he's spent with any org by a long shot. He's been in and out of Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton quicker than you can say it.

Justin Dunk
#Alouettes, Darian Durant agree on contract extension

[b][i]The Montreal Alouettes and recently-acquired quarterback Darian Durant have agreed on a multi-year contract extension, per team sources.

Durant was traded to the Alouettes on Friday in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2017 CFL draft and a conditional second-rounder in 2018.

The Alouettes finished the season with youngster Vernon Adams at the helm as interim head coach Jacques Chapedelaine finished the season with a 4-2 record after taking over from Jim Popp. The 55-year-old bench boss was the offensive coordinator in Saskatchewan with Durant during the 2015 season.[/i][/b]

Ray needs to retire. He is not the guy who can take a hit and get up.

Durant can still play. He has just had bad luck.

That is why I thought the Argo's might want him.

Sounds like Montreal has a lot of confidence in DD. Does he have any history playing with Chapedelaine? Or maybe you learn everything you need to know playing against someone in a league this size.