Darian Durant good, think again, look at these stats...

Take a look at the stats of Darian Durant for the 6 games against the better teams in this league (Cal, BC, Edm, Mon) and you tell me if they are good:

83/165 (pass compl % 50%) - Most good qb's have at least 60% compl %
1435 yards for average 240 yards per game - The standard is generally 275+ yards per game for good qb's
10 interceptions 8 TD passes for a .8 TD to interception ratio (most good qbs have at least 1.5 TD to INT ratio)

Even, and this is a stretch, if you include games against the other dredges of the league, he still rates 8th in QB rating among main qb's and leads the league in INT's.

And the main stat including games against the CFL elite, he is 2-4

Now all you Durant cheering squad, I can hardly wait for the excuses start to roll in, should be any moment now.

By my stats He is 6 wins and 4 losses.

Durant is 10 wins 4 losses as a starter, even though his stats are not that great he brings wins in has not made very many bad choices as of late, he gets the job done, i don't really care about a 300+ YARDS a game with 3 or 4 TD's, he has been playing very well, allot of his INT's i have seen were recievers blowing there patterns and a few were recievers tipping the ball giving the INT. Durant has played very well since the Montreal loss which they could have won, he is getting stronger down the stretch here and in the Bomber game played a flawless game, just adding the one int when he tried throwing the ball out of bounds. Durant is becoming a very good QB and a smart one, you have to remember when under pressure he has thrown the ball out of bounds many times, instead of taking the sacks, this also adds to incompleted passes percentage, my opinion i'll take the ball thrown out of bounds instead of the 10 yard sack. This is called using his head. Any indication the way the Riders are playing right now, they are definetly contenders for the cup :slight_smile:

Terminator, are you Steven Jyles' agent by any chance?

A couple of replies here…firstly I am a Rider fan and that does not automatically mean I can’t criticize anything that I see fit to criticize.

Secondly, Riderfan23…on your analysis of incompletions. Are we to assume that all of those “throw aways” were smart plays? that is to say, can we say for certain that any receivers were wide open on those plays and Durant did not see them or chose not to try to throw it to them? I am not sure I agree with your perception of throwing out of bounds as "always " a good thing. Granted I have seen some instances where Durant has thrown the ball out of bounds instead of taking a sack, but was that because receivers were not open, or was it because he did not pick up the open ones?

Hey teminator, after a performance like that in the banjo bowl by Saskatchewans quarterback... if it where any other qb like the so called greatest qb in the league Rickey Ray, or Burris or Calvillo it would be plastered all over TSN and the papers that it was a the greatest preformance in league history...Give it a break....a win is a win in my books..

Terminator Terminator, listen and you will learn :lol: throwing the ball away means 2 things either he did not see an open reciever as the defence had good coverage, but in most cases it is because of defensive pressure as the QB is scrambling, sure there are times any QB does not see the open reciever, but its better to throw it out of bounds and have it 2nd and 10 instead of 2nd and 20! you will see QB's do this lots in the CFL, i noticed this more this year then past. Don't forget when a QB scrambles in one direction maybe that open reciever is across the field not many QB's can throw opposite like that, Randell tried that in the Rider game and look what happen INT, this play is part of the offensive the Offensive coach tells the QB's if you don't like what you see throw it out of bounds and don't take the sack.

terminator > based on your assessment (completion %, TD to INT ratio, passing for > 275 yards per game) you have just stated that Ron Lancaster was, at best, a below average quarterback. Interesting. Am I saying Durant is as good as Lancaster? Nope. But stats only count for so much. I would rather have 100+ yards running, 200+ yards passing and a win than have 300+ yards passing and a loss.

what we Lancasters stats in those categories, I am sure you can supply them.

Totally agree with that statement, i think Terminator has not been watching the game very long, thats okay he will learn allot here :slight_smile:

hey, doesn't Lancaster hold the CFL record for most Interceptions in a career?

why? because he always threw the ball when he shouldn't have..

Lancaster got to where he got because he stayed in the league way too long.

The stat you don't mention, is leadership.
Darian has really started to lead this team. The team rallies around him and they are able to keep chalking up the wins.

He has more wins than:
Buck Pierce
Jarious Jackson
Ricky Ray
Stephan LeFors
Micheal Bishop
Quinton Porter
Keven Glenn
Kerry Joseph
Cody Pickett

A retarded monkey could win games when you have Stevie Baggs and John Chick destroying the opposing QBs, and guys like Fantuz, Bagg, Dressler, Clermont, Getzlaf, Cates etc. around you fighting for their chance to produce.

We don't need the best QB. We just want the best football TEAM. And that team is led by Mr. Durant.

Going into the season, everybody picked Sask to be last because of their QB. We're in 1st place on the leadership of our QB who is emerging as a guy with a future in the league. Durant has made the team and the game fun to watch, too.

That pretty much sums it up :thup:

I guess we will see if the so called great qb’s of the CFL can win the grey cup by themselves… what Rickey Ray the greatest didnt even get his team into the playoffs last 2 years… last greycup win Moss got them too the big game and Rickey takes all the credit for the win…Burris one cup if you didnt hear he was the greatest, just wait awhile …he will tell you he is…and Calvillo what he is 1 for 6 trys… terminator who really is the best if your so educated.?

According to this:


54% career completion rate 3384 of 6233
.93 TD to INT ratio 342 TD's 366 INT's(according to stats listed) OR
.84 TD to INT ratio 333 TD's and 396 INT's (according the the records listed)

Also, based on 280 games played, he would have averaged under 200 yards passing per game. Different era of course and odds are he did not start all of those games.

zbest, are you comparing Durant to a retarded monkey? Boy, I am not a fan of Durant but I wouldn't go that far.

Now in terms of leadership, wasn't Durant the one who berated Miller and the rest of the coaching staff at the end of the game in front of the main grandstand of fans last year when Bishop played the entire west semi final instead of him? I wasn't there myself but I heard that he did do that. Correct me if that is incorrect.

Can't really agree with your assessment as Lancaster's best years were arguably 72 to 77 and he quit after 78. In 76 he won the outstanding player award and led the RIders to an appearance in the Grey Cup. Hardly something a guy who is "hanging on too long" would have been able to accomplish. He did throw a ton of INT's which always rankled Rider fans but he was also incredible in the two minute drill. Even with Lancaster I can remember guys calling for the backup - I guess some things never change. :lol:

I don't remember all the details but some words were said, and I think they were just as Durants record leading up to his injury was decent, he did not get the chance to really prove himself MIller figured like the Bombers that Bishop would be the hero, Durant has earned the starting job, sure he won't win all the games or win big all the time but as long as he is affective and uses the entire team to do it and win games then I'm happy :slight_smile: Its football guy , words are always said, I played many years ago you should hear what is said on the field, there are players that don't care for each other on the same team it happens all the time, but they know its there job and most can keep it proffesional, have you liked all your bosses, I know i haven't goes the same for some coaches, I hated mine.

I don't remember all the details either and I have been looking around the net for some tidbit on it but I can't find any so I will have to assume it was something I heard after the fact and not something that was front page news.I also heard that words were spoken and that more than a few people heard what was said. I didn't hear what was said so I can't continue with any first hand evidence only hearsay. Until someone can tell me for sure they heard it I will assume that what I head was just hearsay and not the truth.

Its all good, Durant has moved on got some respect from management coaching staff and now looks like the fans as well, lets look forward to more wins and especially a chance at the big game :slight_smile: even if he doesn't throw for 300+ yards :slight_smile: