Darian Durant for MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Darian Durant for MVP. Riders 3-0!!!!!Not bad for a 3rd stringer in his first start. Kudos to the Ti-Cats, they will be an exciting team to watch this year. Rider Pride is felt by the players and the fans. A great win on the road Riders!!

:rockin: :cowboy: Riders Rule!! :P

Not to steal any of you joy turkeyb, but Darian been in grooming for the riders a few years and alot of people thought he should have been the 2nd string qb. Add he was a good/great college qb who even shared time with the top rated qb out of high school ever Ronald Curry. Curry was expected to be the starter, Darian was just too good to keep out the game. I expeted him to do wel and I am happy about it.

So are you officially off the Wes Cates for MVP bandwagon? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or do you envision a co-MVP scenario? :slight_smile:

I thought Wes Cates was your pick for MVP. :?

Get some new material!!!!!!!!!!!

Get over it turkey! you make it sound like he showed up at the riders doorstep 3 weeks ago green as your Riders and after parting Wascana Lake he's like superman win 3 games after never touching a football before BobbyP is right get off your lil Rider soap box he's not that good! let's see what he does in the next 15 games if he'll even be around!

Durrant looked better then Jeoseph has at any point this season.... So he does have a point

Turkey can't make up his mind, Cates, Durrant Lancaster, Reed, they are all blending together. :lol: :lol:

Really Turkey, he had a good game but Ricky Ray and Henry Burris do it every week. I don't think Durant should be making space in the trophy case yet.

Being a die hard rider fan, I am glad with how well he is playing but, c'mon, three games doesn't make him a MVP. I think Lumsden, is going to have an amazing year if he doesn't sit out too long.....

As well as the Riders are doing defending the Cup, many of these Western teams are just starting to get in a grove! B.C. /Solid Stamps/ Edmonton stepping up! I really think it could be any of them running the West! may the best team Win ( and I think that's up in the air right now) Good Luck 2 your favorite team, may they play the best they can!

So, Turkey, when you have these guys stuffed and mounted, do you take the hook out of their mouths or leave it in?

Dont be a noob Turkey, its MOP, this is the regular season