Darian Durant contract talks

Sounds like he is not real happy. :frowning:

Arielle Zerr ?@arielle_zerr 7m7 minutes ago
Darian Durant says that contract talks with the Riders are at a standstill. #Riders #CFL (1/4)

Arielle Zerr ?@arielle_zerr 6m6 minutes ago
"I think we’ve presented an offer that is more than reasonable and it’s up to the team to accept it, pretty much" -Durant #Riders #CFL (2/4

Arielle Zerr ?@arielle_zerr 5m5 minutes ago
"If they don’t (accept it) I know where I stand and I know what the situation is. It’s out of my hands.? -Durant #Riders #CFL (3/4)

Arielle Zerr ?@arielle_zerr 4m4 minutes ago
And read into this what you want, but Durant was not wearing Roughriders gear today. #Riders #CFL (4/4)

Please don't trade him to Toronto!! We already pissed away the first pick overall for Drew 'Pull' Willy.

....With Nichols being a one year signing....methinks the door might be open for Durant in Winnipeg...BUT then there's this Franklin kid :roll: :lol:

I think he's a free agent, so Barker really better not trade anything for him!

Wait, unless they trade Willy for early neg rights to Durant?

Interesting. I didn't know that about Nichols. I guess it'll depend a lot on how he performs in the playoffs.

Corky better sign DD, without Doubles we will have yet another bad year. Would be sad to see that new Building half empty because of it!! Just saying!! :x

And to those doubters and haters, he really is a damn good QB, and has just entered his best years, we all know QB's can play well into their 40's so if we lose him it will be some one else's huge gain!! JMO

He's a free agent. He'd look good in an Als uniform and our couple of kids behind him.

Franklin is still under contract for 2017, However the Bombers could trade your 1st as you already have TOR's 1st,
#1 overall for Franklin

[b][i]"Edmonton Eskimos quarterback James Franklin is under contract for the 2017 season, per CFL sources.

The 25-year-old signed a three-year contract when he entered the league before the 2015 season and that deal still has one year to run.

There has been speculation that Franklin would become a free agent in February but those reports are erroneous.

Franklin completed 18-of-23 passes for 335 yards and four touchdowns in Edmonton’s 41-17 win over the Toronto Argonauts on Saturday. Starter Mike Reilly sat out as the game meant nothing to the Eskimos, who were locked in to the crossover spot and will travel to Hamilton for the East Semi-Final next Sunday.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders inquired about Franklin’s availability earlier this year. Multiple teams would likely be interested if the Eskimos decide to make him available via trade in the off-season.[/i][/b]

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/11/06/eskimos-qb-james-franklin-not-free-agent-2016-season/]http://3downnation.com/2016/11/06/eskim ... 16-season/[/url]

Jones Riders remind me more and more of Mike Kelly's Bombers.

While watching the Lions-Riders game, I heard Farhan Lalji report that Durant is looking for more of a fixed salary while the Riders are offering an incentive-laden contract based on number of starts. I think that's fair for the Riders since Durant has been injured a lot in the past three years. However, such a contract could signal that he would be moved to more of a back-up role since the team wouldn't have to pay him if he were on the sidelines. Based on what their back-ups showed last night, I think they need to be swinging more to Durant's side in these negotiations.

No established Quarterback operates under that kind of contract. That's pie in the sky BS from Jones who's trying to keep Durant as an insurance policy while he chases the QB he really wants. If he's not willing to make a commitment to Durant. I'm pretty sure a team like Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal would.

.......All sorts of confusion concerning Franklin's status...BUT if he is under contract, I can see multiple teams giving Hervey a buzz....I would imagine a first overall in the draft would be pretty tempting for the Esks....Don't know if the Bombers would go down that road for a qb. who really hasn't had enough game experience to judge his overall talents...He certainly looked good yesterday BUT we got fooled before (see Willy) ... it would be a tough call....One thing we do know about Franklin is that Jones in Sask. knows this quarterback really well and if he's already inquiring that's a good sign...I believe, despite Corky's other failings, he does know players...It's going to be an interesting offseason concerning Franklin and depending on how well Nichols does in the playoffs, 'could' get a lot more interesting from our perspective.. :wink:

I'm still confident they'll work something out. There's still quite a bit of time to get a deal done.

Smart of the Esks to showcase Franklin against a terrible team like the Argo's.

... and the prima donna only wants a bowl of green Smarties in his dressing room.

'And to those doubters and haters, he really is a damn good QB, and has just entered his
best years, !! JMO'

If these are his best years, I'd hate to see his worst....oh yeah, already have. :oops:
Better to dump him now before he breaks a fingernail and it ends up` costing
another million, or more. :roll:

One other strategy for the Bombers. btw nothing wrong with Nichols - but he's 30 yrs old and he's almost as immobile as the inert Drew Willy . . . . good snap-passer but somewhat inaccurate over 20 yards downfield . . . . in essence prolly not worth $350 to $375k that he'll be asking for next 2 or 3 years. . . . . so trade #1 overall to Edmonton for Franklin & Edmonton's 1st (4th overall). Wpg. would still draft 4, 7, 10. Winnipeg garnered a nice 11-7 record this season (even though they got a mail-in gift in the last game from Ottawa) but without superb quarter-backing they're not gonna get to the next level. Like most, including yourself Papa - the bombers should be one and done come this Sunday. Only the most petulant bomber optimists see them winning. Wally should submerge his face in battery acid if he can't beat Hack O'Shea!

But as far as Franklin - bombers should step up - and step up hard!

......and on that I agree.....waving that Number One under Hervey's nose would be a nice incentive...It's a high price but this kid looks like a franchise qb. with a great future...Franklin was on our negotiation list and he slipped away...Sounds like about the time our player assessment was being done by 'Sleepy Joe'...I believe it was also during the time we let Paredes ride on over to cow town, after watching him work-out in the Peg putting everything through the up rights, BUT went with the guy who is no longer in the league :oops:

gary lawlessVerified account ?@garylawless 40m40 minutes ago
gulf between @sskroughriders and Darian Durant is over guaranteed cash. He's 34, team wants a good chunk of pay to be play-time bonus #cfl

They aren't in a position to get that. Too many teams looking for a VET QB and they don't have another QB who can win them games.

gary lawless ?@garylawless 3m3 minutes ago
cash gap between Darian Durant and @sskroughriders is substantial. Durant wants $350 k guaranteed. Team wants $275 k + play time bonus #cfl