Dare we pursue more bombers?

Winnipeg head coach Mike Kelly may be looking to deal WR's Derek Armstrong, Terrence Edwards and Rombie Bryant. It isn't known wether he may be interested in trading 1, 2 or maybe all of them but he is looking to move up in the draft. The Argos may try to pursue them with their second pick, and I think it's something Obie should look into too. Who knows, the way Obie's been dealing lately we may get one, two or all of them for cheap. These WR's are talented and experienced and would defintely help out our receiving core. It may not be a good idea to unload our early picks but perhaps Obie can use his negotiating skills to bring us a or all of the receivers without doing much damage to our assets.

I would only trade the 1 pick for Romby Bryant. (or the 3 pick, if Kelly is a sucker).

Edwards and Armstrong are getting older. That's why Kelly traded for Bowman. Dealing a top pick for either of them would be stupid.

Ya i'd say Bryant is worth a pick, I mean how many times did the guy burn us last season lol. And afterall, we can always sign more OL and DL from the states, and we'd still have 1 early pick and we could still sign Corey Mace.

Where to start?

Well, for one I havent seen or heard that the Peg is looking to move those players and for that matter move up the board. If they do want to move up the board the Cats don't have a second round pick and I doubt the they would be interested in dealing the 1st or 3rd picks in the draft for a WR. Winnipeg doesn't have a late 1st either so it's not like you could flip first rounders.

So any logical trade for cheap seems pretty far fetched under the current circumstances.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/football/2009/04/03/8986046-sun.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/footb ... 6-sun.html[/url]

And why totally give up on the idea of trading an early pick and a player for Bryant? We need better receivers and Bryant is a perfect example of what we're looking for. Obie has done nothing but screw the Peg since the beginning of the off-season, i'm sure he can steal another player. I mean he got Gauthier, Glenn and Goodspeed when people thought it was just as unlikely no? Things looked pretty bad. Then we got Gauthier, things got a lil better but still bad. Then Kelly tried to get us to unload players and or picks to him for Glenn and Obie just waited until he got cut then we picked him up. Then nobody thought for a second that Goodspeed would come here and we got him for a backup OL and a second round pick. And it may or may not come cheap. You forget we can always trade future picks and that's what Kelly has on the brain atm. "FUTURE"

The way I see things we can probably get away with giving them a couple late rounders in 09 and a 2nd round or better in 2010 Bryant and maybe if we throw in another pick or player they'll give us another player as well.

Ok. So, would you trade Rodriguez for a couple late rounders and a 2nd pick or even a 1st rounder?

Who said anything about trading Rodriguez? obviously that could be the dumbest thing you would ever do. I'm saying they want Canadian future talent so we can probably get away with giving them a 1st rounder in 2010 with 2 4th a 5th rounders in 2010 and a 3rd rounder in 2011 for Bryant or something. They are looking to try and pass one of those recievers off for picks. Well they said they're up in the air about it atm but look at kellys history this off-season and i'm sure Obie can make another deal. Armstrong, Bryant and Edwards are receivers that you don't pass up the oppurtunity at aqquiring them. And as for trading a pick and a player possibly I had in mind like Richie Williams since he's likely going to be cut anyways and they kind of want another QB.

Im just saying that your trade would be of no benefit. I dont think you should trade a 1st rd pick for any import. Goodspeed was a proven import OT and he was traded for essentially two 2nd rounders and his contract was slashed in half. 4th and 5th rounders are essentially useless. No one will trade for Richie when there is a very good possibility he’ll be cut.

Just because you're a NI player doesn't mean you can catch let alone lead the team. Romby Bryant is definitely worth future picks, he's a rising star and had a great year with the Peg last season. Our receiving core isn't that fantastic atm and we can't have alot of question marks remaining going into camp or we could be looking at another 3-15 season. We need a KR, we need a proven DE, we need a couple more good WR's, we need a good safety, another LB and maybe a DB.

Right now they are so close to fielding a competitive team across the board that it makes sense to give a pick for a "sure thing" at receiver and by that I mean a Watkins or a Bryant. Armstrong I'm not sure, he is the bigger target but he really dropped off last year. Edwards isn't an A calibre receiver more like a B.

I only hope Obie feels the same way. Although if the WR's he saw in Florida are as good as he says they are then we're in for a treat and may not need Bryant or Watkins.

I agree. The thing is you never know what you got until you are up against real game competition. Everyone looks great at tryouts and training camp, so I'm sure Obie would be interested in a proven veteran while the new guys are groomed. However, there may be another diamond in the rough. Who would've expected Prechae to emerge as the offensive star last year?

I won't be terribly upset if we don't get one of WInnipeg's receivers though because I like what Obie is doing with bringing in new players to develop them. All the great teams do it that way. Maybe this will be a new era for Ticat football.

At this point I trust Obie to do what's right. If the Bombers are putting their receivers on the trading block, which I still have a hard time believing, but if they are then he'll get what we need to benefit the team. I agree with what an earlier poster said though, them trading Bryant for a pick would be like us trading Prechae for a pick - doesn't make sense.

If the move anyone it will be Edwards..

Right now the Bombers are trying to extend Bryant and Edwards, That will determine their value. Obviously they are worth more in a trade if they are contracted for a couple seasons. Oppososite also works, if they don't extend then Kelly may decide to trade one or more and get something instead of nothing at season's end.

Watkins is also playing his option, Als may elect to trade him as well...

At this point I trust Obie to do what's right. If the Bombers are putting their receivers on the trading block, which I still have a hard time believing, but if they are then he'll get what we need to benefit the team. I agree with what an earlier poster said though, them trading Bryant for a pick would be like us trading Prechae for a pick - doesn't make sense.
Has anything the Bombers have done this offseason make sense? I personally don't care if it does, if they wanna get rid of good players for nothing then this is the team to give the players to. They're also trying to shop around Joe Smith, believing heavily that they're the ones that'll sign Jarett Payton. IF the Argo's trade their 2nd pick and a player for Smith, we may be in business to deal with the Peg and maybe get Bryant. After all, we don't always have to give up an 09 pick, we can always give 2010,2011 or 2012.

I highly doubt the Argos would trade that for Smith, just not worth it. It's not Fred Reid we're talking about, and the Argos running game problem game mostly from awful O-Line play and using Dorsey as an RB for part of the season. Richardson's stats were actually pretty good considering he only played as the starting back for part of the year and had to contend with very little protection up front.

I guess its conceivable that they might do it for one of the WPG receivers, although I hope not.

If Mike Kelly trades any receiver it will be Armstrong, the only thing that i see him trading Armstrong for is a first round draft pick. I dont think the Bombers would trade Bryant or Edwards, but weirder things have happened.... :roll: :roll:

Moves made by Mike kelly this year, have been questionable, but the bombers team last year did not live up to the team that most bomber fans beleive that the team was capable of, so the only thing to do was to rebuild and Mike Kelly has done a good job of that so far, and personally i think that the only players the bombers will miss are, Dominic Picard, and Milt Stegall. (Not saying that goodspeed isn't good just that i think Mike Kelly doesnt want a 32 year old import). The average age on the Bombers has gone from 32-27. :thup:

As someone said on ourbombers, that the Bombers are moving to a run and gun type of offense,like saskatchewan, this is why they're going with younger, quicker offensive lineman that can operate in this offense this will take a lot of pressure off our offensive line and our young quarterbacks.

ticats felt an overhaul was due after posting an 8-10 record and it brought them to 5-13 to 4-14 to 3-15 to 3-15. good idea eh? thank god for Obie :stuck_out_tongue: