Dare I say it?

I know - I KNOW most of you will jump all over me for having the GALL to say this so prematurely; but I will go out on a very shaky and thin limb to say that if the Lions loose this Friday (which I will be at), I think the team might need to begin the process of contemplating a change of head coach & GM. There. I said it. Boy, am I ever in deep doo-doo now! Hey, who ever said Wally was indispensible? Yeah, I know he's THE MAN; there's no disputing what he's accomplished. I don't think it should be a sudden move; he's earned the right to attempt a come back. I am only suggesting that the process might need to begin - if it hasn't already(?).

if and when anything happens, he should stay on as just gm for at least another season.

FYB - I think you're roght. Perhaps relieving him of coaching, and allowing him to concentrate on overseeing operations and recruitment would prove a better fit for the next chapter. Maybe that will happen sooner than later(?). If so, I would assume the coaching would be passed off to Chaps or Benny; they know the system. Bringing in somebody midstream from the outside would be a disaster. Who knows; maybe Chaps could redeem himself in that position(?).