Daramy-Swaray, Bombers regrouping after first loss

Over and over again Abu Daramy-Swaray heard variations of the same message: ‘flush it, forget it and move on.’

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What does the League have planned for Sat if the smoke prevents the Game between The Als and Bombers?
Quebec Government, according to the news, is talking about cancelling sporting and other outside events because of Smoke.

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I have it on good authority that in the event of a cancellation the winner will be the team that shows up to play but can’t because the home team’s province has a smoking problem.

Good question. I wonder if it’d be possible to reschedule for Sunday or even Monday, should the smoke clear then.

Winnipeg is scheduled for the following Friday but Montreal has a couple more day of rest, playing on Sunday.

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According to weather gc.ca Friday’s air quality for Montreal is a 7 - high risk
Saturday afternoon a 4 - moderate risk and Saturday evening a 3 - LOW risk - that’s almost normal
I doubt it will be canceled


I guess we can thank the wind for that. Merci le vent!