Darain Durant; Will he Play this Week?

Maybe that cheap shot by Brandon Isaac shook up Darian Durant more that we first thought. I read in today's Vancouver Sun that Durant may sit out this week's tilt against the Lions in BC Place Stadium. His backup on the depth chart is Drew Willy. I find this surprising, since they can clinch third in the west win a win on Saturday. If Saskatchewan loses and Edmonton wins the Riders will have to go east to play the Argos in the eastern semi-final. Maybe they think that's easier than playing on the road tom Calgary. The less we see Weston Dressler in the playoffs the better, as far as I am concerned.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

According to this http://www.cfl.ca/article/week-19-cflca-game-notes

"Both Darian Durant and Weston Dressler will not play on Saturday in BC. Drew Willy will get the start under centre for the Roughriders."

According to sportsnet, there are more Saskatchewan starters who might not be playing at BC. No need to risk injuries before the playoffs starting next week. In the final week, the only "must-win" teams are Hamilton and perhaps Edmonton if Hamilton wins. 6 other teams don't really need to win. Actually, losing may be beneficial for Saskatchewan's crossover to weaker division and Winnipeg's draft pick. On the other hand, BC can afford to go all out to win because of upcoming bye week.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall in the coach’s office to know whether or not SSK cares if they cross over. If they do get the cross and they get past Toronto they would face the Als. The Als won their series against the Roughriders but that doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot.

Hopefully the Lions will stomp all over them but bye or no bye they are trying work some of their recently healed players back into the game. They may play it conservatively but then again when watching the how Toronto is going after Hamilton in a mean nothing game [Nov 01] to Toronto, you have to wonder.

No games for 2 weeks after Saturday, I hope that BC goes full throttle against the Riders. We cannot afford to be sluggish come kick off on the 18th.