Dante Marsh supports Micheal Vick and Dogfighting.

Dante, if you read this, can you please take back your words about dogfighting? .
It is a very cruel "sport", as you well know from your Oakland days.

Dogs are loving animals.. and very loyal to their masters. They are not meant to fight each other to the death or even near death. It kills their spirits and it is a form of torture.

Thank you for reading.

Which words? I heard an interview with Dante and while he didnt condemn Vick, he didnt actually say he supported that kind of crap. Maybe there was a different interview of something I missed?

Dante was quoted as saying "The execution of the dogs, I would agree, it's foul and it's cruel but the actual fighting of the dogs.. I've never seen anything too wrong with it."

I think he needs to watch one of the short videos in the following link and then see what he thinks about dog fighting:


Quoted where? Link?

I went through the newspapers and I can't find any quotes from Marsh. Where did this quote come from marzzz???

Here's the link:

[url=http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/Sports/2007/08/28/4451275-sun.html]http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/Sports/2007/0 ... 5-sun.html[/url]

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if this is true , Dante your a sick person. Rape petifilia and dog fighting are the only things i have ever cried my eyes out thinking or hearing about, like tht site marzz is very graphic but everyone should watch it, and petifilia and rape are the two other things tht make me very emotional thinking about

Honestly, I am not in anyway defending or condoning dogfighting or Michael Vick, but placing what he did on the same level as pedophilia and rape?
People seem to have more sympathy for Osama Bin Laden than they do for Vick.
I find that very interesting.

Arius, have you seen the videos on the link I posted? Dogfighting can be just as bad and sometimes worse than pedophilia or rape. Dogs have no voice or representation. They mean well and are nothing but loyal.. unlike many humans are. And let's not compare with Osama.. these dogs are tortured their whole lives, not instantly obliterated. If you could choose, how would you rather die.. to be tortured for years or to have a quick death?

Croft, I agree.. there's something wrong with the poll. I don't know how to erase it or change it.
Forum Admin.. can you help?

for all you pathectic people that support dog fighting, get out of our country.

Are you
kidding me??? What kind of extremist view is that crap?

No offense, but when it comes down to the sexual assault of an innocent person, pedophilia committed against an innocent child, or an innocent animal dying.....the animal dies every time.....

I heard about that interview on the team 1040 and it made me sick to hear what Marsh thinks. After that I lost all respect for him. As great a player as he is, he can stay in Atlanta for all I care.

While I in no way support dog fighting. I think that saying it is as bad as pedophilia and rape is way off base.
If I have to choose between saving a dog and a child....the child wins every time.

I watched a couple of them.
And I remain astonished that anyone would equate dog fighting, as serious as it is, to the same level as pedophilia or rape.
And apparently my Osama anology has backfired because you do seem to think Vick is worse...

Anyway, I am not sure if the Lions forum is the best place for this discussion, but then I didn't start it so...
Here is a link giving some background on dog fighting.
The interesting things I think are that it has only been illegal (everywhere in America) for about 30 years, but despite that, it is actually a very widespread practice.


Has anyone listened to what Dante had to say in defence of Vick and his downplaying of the downside of dogfighting? The whole interview on CKNW's Monday night sportstalk show in Vancouver is available online. Very much worth a listen. Waddayathink?
The link below should work... You might have to wait a few minutes before it loads, but it's worth it.
(It's in the audio vault on Aug. 27 in the 10 pm hour.)

[url=http://www.cknw.com/dynamic/dynamic_audiovault_process.asp?dt=20070827_22]http://www.cknw.com/dynamic/dynamic_aud ... 0070827_22[/url]

I'm going to comment further on the main forum thread, but I just thought I'd make one more statement here.
Comments like this one I have quoted, and a great many other ones have me thinking that this whole Mike Vick thing has been way overblown and taken thoroughly out of proportion.
I am as reviled by dog fighting as most people are, but there are limits people!
I think maybe people need to chill out and take another look at the things they are saying.

Its getting far too much coverage than it needs to get.

Dog Fighting.....It is bad!

I Hope Vick goes to jail for a long time.

I Hope other players keep their stupid comments to themselves, heck, here's a novel concept : THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

Jm02, Arius and ro1313... I think you are off base by saying that dogfighting is not as bad as pedofilia or rape. First of all, how can you compare the two. It's like saying that 9/11 is worse than Darfur. YOU CAN'T COMPARE!

Anyways, rape and pedofilia does not kill (usually). Dogfighting does!