Danny Vandervoort

Vandervoort a first round pick cut by the Edmonton Eskimos.

Was let go by B.C. and Winnipeg previously? Expectations were high at the start…thought he would have been good in the Hammer…maybe not so much now.

We don’t need him. :)Before anybody mentions it.

We have great receivers and lots of depth. Unlike last year.

Mac grad, 1st round pick #3 overall.
Invite him to 2020 camp

Maybe he will come here on his own account - play for a real Winner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes perfect sense. Who knows who will come back next year.

When I look at last year’s roster and see how many players disappeared into thin air, we need to look at as many potential players as possible.

I remember being disappointed when we didn’t get the chance to draft him in 2017, as he was so highly touted.

It’s an understatement to say he has not met expectations.

Pros: local boy, 25-yd receiving average
Cons: one catch in three seasons, released by two teams

Grey Cup on his home town