Danny McManus...

I see on the home page that Danny will be a regional scout.
Surely he could be used better than that?
We could easily lose him to a team that would use him on their coaching staff. I assume that's what he wants in the long run.

I think Danny makes his home in Florida. As I understand it, he wants to do this job of scouting South-East!

I think somebody could probably find an interview somewhere that he said he wanted to be involved more on the scouting side!

Ahhh. Well that makes sense then.

Danny wants his post playing career to be in the personnel side of the operation.

He makes his home here with his wife who works for TDL, and lil’ Mac.

Danny told me when training camp was over last year
that he and his wife want to spend the CFL season

in Hamilton involved with the CFL/Ticats

and the rest of their time in Florida.

With a new child and a 2nd child on the way,[?]

when the Cats offered him the QB coach job
it was ideal for him at that time because

he wouldn't have to put in the hours that
being more heavily involved would require.

I think that is likely the reason Danny decided
to get some experience in player personnel side

also, Dennis Polian, who Obie brought in to groom
on the manaagement side, was already here.

I believe Danny has said that he wants to experience
all aspects of the inside workings of running a CFL team

to see where he feels comfortable because he
wants his post playing career to be in the CFL.

He may eventually try a bigger coaching job with
more responsibilities like an offensive co-ordinator,

but I remember that his good friend and mentor, Ron Lancaster
advised him to wait a few years after his playing days for that.