Danny Mcmanus & Rod black ????

Are Danny Mac and Rod Black Calling the game tomorrow Because they Where in toronto on thurs Dose anyone know if they are calling the game let me know :slight_smile:

Since they're doing the game in Regina right now I'm going to say the answer is No.

Also considering they ywork for CBC I'd have to say no.


It is TSN's game tomorrow night -- CBC has the week "off." :wink:

Hopefully it will be Cuthbert and Suitor because Rod Black is hard to take week after week. LOL

Maybe Danny maybe the sideline guy..

Thank guy

Wow CBC sure is getting the gears, i thought they got all sat games. Not that I really care, i’ll be at the game, and I can’t stand to listen to Walby.

The CFL on TSN's newest game analyst, Danny McManus, will also be on location, at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. The 3-time Grey Cup champion will join the panel and provide his thoughts on all of the Eskimos' personnel changes and what Calgary needs to do in order to bounce back after a pair of heartbreaking playoff losses the past two seasons.

Doesn't Rod Black cover figure skating?

Not that I watch figure skating.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Wow I really need to read my posts before posting. That was brutal. I meant TSN having no clue TSN had the game tonight. I thought that CBC got Saturday games.

I like Danny Mac’s insight. Rod Black, not so much. I wish he would stick to Figure Skating, and Horse Jumping, and any other sports I don’t watch. I really don’t care for the guy. I’m not sure why, he just gets under my skin.


Cuthbert and Suitor did the game.
Although Danny Mac was there. Saw him going up the stairs toward the press box during the 2nd or 3rd quarter.

BTW, CBC was busy with that soccer tournament, that's why they didn't have the game this week.