Danny MacManus must be laughing

Danny Mac was at the game, he was a half time guest on CHML and after seeing this disaster, he's probably saying to himself "and everybody thought it was always my fault"

Danny is too classy of a guy to be laughing at this team.

Perhaps he's just damn relieved to be in Calgary...

why do these dumbass posts keep popping up??

but can you blame him if he was laughing? danny mac should have gone on CBC and called everybody out.

Not everyone....

Without good coaching, it really doesn't matter. Unless you have overwhelming talent to compensate, you are going to be exposed.

Danny Mac has too much class to laugh at the Cats' current plight. He lived through 1-17...no chance of that.

Oski Wee Wee,

Wasn't he 5-13 last year?... :?

can't recall...fill me in...

With Barressi who had the imagination of a dead hippo.

Who was the last QB to do better than D-Mac from the Cats?? There is no superior!

If he was here maybe he can be persuaded to stay.

i saw hm at Fortino's before the game, talked to him he is a very nice guy. Asked him if he'd come back as an OC he just laughed...