Danny Maciocia Fired !!

8) CFL.ca site is reporting just now that Edmonton has relieved Maciocia of his duties as GM and Dir. of Football Operations.
[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/maciocia-relieved-of-duties-with-esks]http://www.cfl.ca/article/maciocia-reli ... -with-esks[/url]

for anyone who wants a link.

That's too bad.

Welcome back Eric Tillman.

Yea now we have to worry about a crossover too. DM had a really bad run and almost anyone would be better. I fear the Beaker will resurface in Alberta.

Hmmm. They come out and play hard, win the game and the guy still gets offed. Shows you how much confidence Lalacheur had his staff and players. Its obvious he was sure they would lose. A real douche , he should be fired too.

Disagree. This really sends a message. One good game isn't going to save your job.

The Cats should hire him as a Scout .

That too. Or maybe had they lost the HC would have followed Maciocia out the door. They are partying in the streets in Edmonton. Another team looking for a GM...

The decision to fire Danny was made on Wed. July 28th. after a board of directors meeting. As far as Lelacheur being sure the Eskimo's would lose is nonsense.

and they waited after the game because ? Not to disrupt preparation of the children ? Me thinks your problem is bigger than just the Mooch.

So much for continuity. Mid-season firings don't solve anything.

They know that, my gut feeling is they already have replaced Maciocia or want to go after someone now for reason xyz.

Continuity hasn't solved anything in Hamilton yet, either.

The Cats should hire him as an Offensive Co-ordinator. :wink:

Maybe the Mooch will end up in Ottawa.

beat me to it.

Not yet...not in mid season. But the fire has to be lit under Gibson's ass that unless he can come up with a creative game plan...his ass WILL be grass.

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