WOW , the much crit. at the beginning , DANNY is the first FRENCH Canadian head coach in CFL history to win the big game. :shock: :smiley:

This is great for the CFL. Hopefully , 2 Canadian born head coaches winning the coach of the year , 2 years in a row! :smiley:

Tom Higgins SHOULD BE coach of the year...

brings the worst team of '04 to second place in the west.

the eskimos were good b4 Maciacia was there.

I'd say Higgins over Much. Danny M. had much more to work with this year than Higgins, Higgins got more out of his depth of players overall and deserves coach of the year. Hosting a home playoff game this year was a huge step fer the stamps.

good points!

Wow Where did this man come from. A volunteer coach the grey cup champion head coach. This man did a great job keeping the Edmonton Eskimos to the level that Tom Higgins left them. Never before have I seen such an emotional head coach in the game of football. But Wow he did a great job in Edmonton this year and in my mind is the coach of the year.

DM as far as I know is not French Canadian. He is of Itallian decent on his fathers side at least
His mother might be French Canadian though.

Higgins did do wonders for the Stamps.

But an argument could be made for Danny M as well. Or for that matter, Don Matthews.

Joe Paopao.....oops sorry...this isn't best dressed coach in a Hawain shirt.

I'd go with Higgins. He had to turn the mess left by "F-Troop" into a playoff team.

Dany Maciocia is a freakin' donkey's arse. The Eskimos victory is due to the fact this is a really talented team. Players execute at a verry high level.

Seeing him go wild on the field like a flaming airhead when the Alouettes still had one down to go in overtime exposed the goof he is.

Nobody answered that part of what I said in my rant post, but how come no player came to party with him after they won? I have seen exactly one player high five him. And that's it. No Gatorade for Dany's shirt, no hughs, no champagne splashing.

Coach of the year... pfffrt! Yeah right. Pretenders should be :

  • Winner: Tom Higgins (For taking the CFL's worst team in 2004 and driving it to a home playoff game).

2- Don Matthews (For getting a team everybody started writing off in mid-season, even its own bandwagoners, within a play or two of a Grey Cup win).

3- Pinball Clemons (For leading the defending Grey Cup champions to an even better year, knowing how hard it is to achieve when everyone wants a shot at the champs, and snatching the East division from perenial leaders in Montreal.)

4- Joe Paopao (For actually winning games and giving hopes to Rens fans, when all he was given as a roster were untalented back-ups accepting to play for a nearly dying team because no contracts were available in any safer place)

5- Dany Maciocia (For not screwing too much with the squad of highly talented football players who could probably win games even without a coach).


I'll throw a vote in for Higgins too.

And how did that play affect the outcome of the Grey Cup?????

Your spelling sucks

ro1313......you know ur team sucks, your 2nd again , lol....... and of course the eksies are champs AGAIN

Yes that maybe true but I can spell my own name properly
can you spell yours

What's that buzzing I hear. Hurry your fries are done.

RunNealonRun, I liked you better last week, when you were afraid of losing the Grey Cup game and were showing respect.

I am full of respect for your Eskimos, but Maciocia is a nimwit. And most Esks fans said it all summer long.

When people want to take shots at Matthews, they always point the two points conversion against BC or the 3 and 1 gamble against Ottawa on July 1st. Or they relate to previous years...

Matthews has no class, but he's a winner and he knows his football.

UMMMMMMM ok i dont get the fries comment , but hey , its all good