Danny Maciocia and Robert Drummond on RougeRadio this week

The point was simply that Popp was not right for the HC position. Agreed that he is the Man for the GM slot.

The Als had a coach doing double duties with special teams when Maciocia was fired, if they had wanted him back they had an opening for him. He's just not good enough to be an Alouette.

very very true!!

I don't want to dump on Maciocia any further, because he always seemed like a decent guy, but no, he is not Alouettes material.

let's hope that may be true for the kids at U. de M.!!

when quick draw mcgraw plays for my team he's the best. when he coaches on my team he's the best. when he leaves and plays or coaches against my team he/they stink no matter where they were born or came from. just because a player/coach/GM/or whatever comes from montreal why can't he be a bum as well? some people can be both right danny maciocia?

You have been bashing Macioca for years, on just about every football website in existence. You have to get over your hate! Yes, he was a failure as a HC and GM. But, despite all of his shortcomings, he still has 2 Grey Cup rings; one of them as a head coach. That is 2 more Grey Cup rings than you have.

yes true been bashing maciocia for years due to his being OVER-RATED. which continues to be still in place re: hired as HC at U de M!!

Macioca being hired as HC at L'université de Montréal does not make him over rated. He is a former HC in the CFL. The CIS is a big step down from the CFL. Why not wait and see what he does this season before burying him?

sorry he's buried(using your words) but by all means keep cheering for him at the stade for the U de MONTREAL.

Why wouldn't I cheer for him? What would anyone possibly gain from his demise?

He will be fine at U de M. He was not the only "Over Rated" HC that went from the CFL back to CIS. Hamilton Ti Cats in 2004-2006 had Greg Marshall from McMaster as their HC. Did poorly with the TiCats, then went back to Western Mustangs of the CIS. He too was being touted as the greatest thing since "sliced" bread.

but marshall was a successful CIS HC at mcmaster before his roof to the basement experience in steel town. then on to western!! maciocia no CIS experience but from st. leonard quebec as the only reason for wanting his success at U de montreal!!

true. Time will tell how Macioca fares at U de M.

it always does!! damn that TIME!!