Danny Maciocia and Robert Drummond on RougeRadio this week

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One of the most interesting CFL personalities and stories in recent years; Danny Maciocia will connect with Rougeradio.com. He’ll talk about his new head coaching role at the University de Montreal and will reflect on some of his past CFL experiences.

In other Canadian Football League news 4-time Grey Cup champion Robert Drummond will join Rougeradio.com to update team news and player transactions around the league.

In the Canadian Junior Football League spring camps have been the main focus and two players from the BC Conference have been invited to the BC Lions Rookie Camp.

This week’s Strut Entertainment Music Feature is Neverest. Following the success of the smash single “About Us,? Neverest will open the Canadian leg of the New Kids-Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB) tour.

sorry to all you maciocia fans but he stinks!! nothing but P.R. farce who was in way over his head!!! U de MONTREAL will rule the day they hired this clown!!! now start all your hate posts you maciocia lovers!!!

He was a great assistant coach with the als many years ago. He might have a great career with the u of m?

sorry "he was a great assistant coach with the als many years ago" (?)

I agree Maciocia was in over his head with the Eskimos, but you have to blame Lelacheur the president for appointing him first head coach and then GM. Why would he refuse?

He might be in his element at U.Of M. and it will be interesting to see how they fare against Laval over the next several years.

Also will be interesting to see how Reed and Tillman do with the Eskimos. They have completely torn apart Maciocia`s player foundation.

Macioca was not right for the HC job and GM of the Eskimos. A failure (although he did win a GC as head coach).

The college scene is different. I wish him well in his new job.

Didn't maciocia have an unofficial assistant coach many, many moons ago with the als?

The Als took him in. He was an amateur coach in Saint-Leonard and then he bolted to Edmonton. He will never again coach in the Als organization and if he blows this, he'll have to go poach Steve Lalonde's job in junior ball.

Fopr Rouge Radio, Macioccia was the Als' RB coach in 1998 and then moved on to the offensive coordinator for the Als in 2001.

HfxTC, you obviously have some inside scoop, are you able to say why Maciocia will never again coach with the Als.

A conflict with Popp perhaps?

Inquiring minds want to know!

I would call it more an educated opinion. Leaving to improve your career is one thing but constantly being a PITA and poaching players and coaches is another. It is clear he reached his “point of incompetence” in Edmonton anyway.

I remember him getting Thorpe from us, but I don't remember him poaching any other coaches. As for players, why would that be anything to Popp? It's not like Maciocia tampered with players under contract. He just picked up a lot of our discards (T.J. Hill, Kai Ellis, etc.).

I'm not a Maciocia fan by any means, but to me it doesn't look like he acted unprofessionally. He left to further his own career, after a very difficult 2001 season in which Rust left, Matthews was hired, and he had no guarantee of keeping his job. How can you blame him for going to Edmonton?

Similar to Popp not being right for the Als HC job the year before Trestman was hired.

sorry no!! far from it. popp judges talent. maciocia "I have no idea what he judged and it certainly wasn't no football talent!!".

kevin strasser? dan mckinnion? etc. he just pisses off popp. edmonton eskimos piss off everybody. "THE DON" certainly knew he was just smoke and mirrors and was over his head in the CFL!! as far as the GC win maciocia believes he won it but most eskimo experts believe it was the team tom higgins put together that won the GC!!

He didn't poach Strasser from us. Popp didn't bring Strasser back at the end of 2006. Strasser was out of the CFL for a while, until Maciocia brought him back after firing Worman midway through the 2009 season. I have no idea who the other person you mentioned is; if Maciocia took him, he couldn't have been a huge loss. He wasn't a coordinator here or anything.

as far as the GC win maciocia believes he won it but most eskimo experts believe it was the team tom higgins put together that won the GC!!
Don't get me wrong. I'm not championing Maciocia as a football mind. That 2005 Grey Cup was won with Tom Higgins's team, and even then, it needed Jason Maas coming off the bench in two consecutive playoff games to deliver performances he's never delivered since, in order to succeed.

I certainly stand to be corrected, but I seem to recall that he brought Strasser in earlier in 2009 before firing Worman. I seem to recall that Worman was O/C and Strasser an "offensive consultant", and then midseason Worman was fired and Strasser took over as O/C. Maybe an Edmonton fan can clear that up. . . but that's the way I recall it doing down. Seems to me there was speculation early in the season that Worman was uncomfortable having Strasser looking over his shoulder.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/eskimos-replace-worman-with-strasser]http://www.cfl.ca/article/eskimos-repla ... h-strasser[/url]

I think you are correct MadJack. disciplineandpunish is correct also about Strasser being out of the CFL for a while; for two seasons at Portland State.

Mike Pringle, Thomas Haskins, Winston October, Bertrand and that's just the ones that come to mind real quick.

Thank you, MJ and backer. I was slightly incorrect. Edmonton did indeed bring Strasser back before turfing Worman. I had forgotten about that 'offensive consultant' phase.

As for Pringle et al., I still don't see the problem. So Maciocia went after a lot of our free agents. It's only normal, considering he'd have been familiar with them from his time in Montreal. He never tampered, he didn't break the law. He just signed a bunch of our castoffs.