Danny Maccocia

Now that the Grey Cup is over we can speculate. Will Danny M. be back as head coach of the Eskimos next year?

The Eskimos are a community owned team run by Rick Lala, and in Lala land no one gets fired. Fans opinions do not count in Lala land so Danny M gets promoted to a better jobs as reward for his losing record.

You're right, fan opinions don't matter. Running a team based on fan opinion is a good way to go by mob mentality, not a good way to form a successful organization.

Edmonton took some good steps forward this year. I'd expect to see him back. Who are you going to get to replace him?

Doug Berry? lol

Charile Taaffe


hmmmmmmmmmm.....anyone you say.

Running a team based on fan opinions? That's the Maple Leafs business model, isn't it? :slight_smile:

Hardly. Who do you think wanted Cliff Fletcher? Although, for a team with a GM who's been dead 3 years, they're not half bad....

I'd be willing to give the job a try. :lol:

But seriously, like Chief says, ANYBODY!. As things go, you can't do much worse in Eskimo land than be 4th place 3 years in a row, so any coach coming in pretty much improves automatically by our standards.

I heard last night on a local football show that Danny is being promoted upstairs. Is this true?

DM will be moving, the question is whether he is moving out or up. Count on not seeing him on the sidelines next year. We should know more in about a week.

The question now is who will replace him, there is talk about Doug Berry coming to Edmonton and there will be some support for Matt Dunnigan. Either way, look for the Eskimos to have a different look next season.

Please, not Doug Berry.

I concur.

....nothing to do with Dancing Danny....but it looks like Mike Kelly is all but confirmed as the new headcoach in the Peg....according to tsn he has cleaned out his office and is headed for Winnipeg to make it official....Esks. loss...Wpgs. gain :wink:...coud be a few more moves in Edm. shortly...

I understand that Maccicia, taught Kelly everything he knows, goodbye running game, hello basement.

splecuation in todays sun, is if Kelly does sign in Winnipeg he brings Dunigan in as assistant.

I can't see Dunigan getting another head coaching job.....if he does say good by to your team for a few years.

The Eskimos have called anews conference for today at 1:30, I expect DM to step down as head coach (can't see a news conference to say he's staying). The question is will he stay with the Eskimos and who will replace him as head coach. The rumour is Doug Berry but I am still thinking the Esks will go to an alumnus as HC, perhaps Matt Dunnigan or Greg Marshal.

This happens in 10 minutes. Make sure you update us. :wink:

Oh, wait, you probably meant your time... Make that 2 hours and 10 minutes. :oops: :lol:

Nothing wrong with Doug Berry. Berry had to work with players that Taman gave him.

Machocia didn't do anything to hurt himself this year. Edmonton was in a tough Western Division. He won a playoff round. I suspect he will be back.