Danny Mac

Is he going to be staying on full time cause i hope so cause all four off the qb could use his exp.

The commentators on TSN last night mentioned this. They said the coaching staff has asked him to stick around for a while even though he was just supposed to be there for training camp. It sounded like he will be a quarterback coach for the foreseeable future this season.

I am thrilled with this. I am admittedly a huge Printers fan; I think he has all the talent necessary to be another Doug Flutie with his ability to create on the fly. But I am concerned about his maturity; his mental state when the chips are down. He tends to show his emotions and sulk abit after three quarters of getting pounded. This is where I think Danny Mac can provide the mentorship to take him to the next level.

atleast printers shows emotion. whipping your helmet around or screaming or what not may draw some penalties or P*(the word filter is great...lol) some people off but he is showing that he really wants to win!!! this kind of emotion needs to be pumped into the other players on the field and used as a fuel for wins!

Great to see Danny on the sidelines, holding a play chart, dressed in the same apparel as the other coaches. Also there, dressed the same...Coach Sal. Hope he's a keeper too!!!



excellent move!!

It is a Great Move 3 Gretest Passer in CFL.
He should be Able to help all 4 QB

Bringing a winner like DMac on board is something strong organizations do. It was great to see him on the side lines Thursday night.