Danny Mac

so we need some experienced coordinators, or atleast some with experience playing the game. Danny Mac played the game for over 20 years and knows it well, and i think would be a great fit for offensive coordinator. Over time, you could groom him into head coaching material when it's Taffe's time to go.

Next week?

Next week?

I think Danny would be the best fit for QB coach/O-Coord. There IS the fact that (IIRC) he still lives in Hamilton...

What? Dmac has zero experience coaching.

We don't need more of that and Mitchell has said as much.

Mon Kapitain - Danny would be a great QB coach, and possibly OC in the future. I should have put that caveat in my earlier post...

But being a great player doesn't necesarily translate into being a good coach.

He called his own plays all while he was here, that should count for something. But all that I ask is that they pleaze don't hire Machooia -have we learned nothing from hiring Poaopoa?

Danny told me the only ball he is interested in
nowadays is a little white one with dimples on it.

Only under Ronnie, Kollege Koach gave that privilege to Paopao and Barressi and look where that got us.

And the times during that span when he wasd given the reigns he made teir offences look better.

I'm not saying I disagree with danny as qb coach or maybe eventually o coordinator, but, i do disagree with evety former player being discussed as a coaching candidate.

Some people need to really stop living in the ticat past.

Hiring Mach-choe-chi-ohh-chi would be a huge mistake-ee-ake-eeee!!!

danny mac would be smart to continue building his broadcasting skills...at least it could work into a steady, fairly stable source of income for him

Hiring D Mac would be a nice choice, but seeing the type of Qb he was( drop back ) and the type of QB s we have, he would not be successful. With the guys we have at Qb, better suited for them would be tracy Ham.

Why you ask, tracy was a scrambler, plus he is on our payroll already.

Also D mac alway wanted to end up in the broadcast booth once he retired.

He would make an excelent QB coach, if Timmy Chang was the starter, but the styles do not match the other 2.

OK Danny's not stupid, he's not going to be building an offence around his own strengths and weaknesses. Besides the one area Printers needs to work on is reading a defence from within the pocket, something Danny can help him with and a main reason why I want Cortez here because of his track record with developing and making q.b's better. Also look at Austin, he was a drop back q.b but has been designing offences for scrambling q.b's ever since he started coaching with Allen and Joseph and he is the main reason Allen won his only MVP and is the main reason Joseph has improved so much at reading defences.

The real question one has to ask is, "Why would Danny MAC want to tarnish his relationship with Hamilton?"

Why would anyone leave a cushy job to come here and be heckled and endlessly criticized before being run out of town in a year or, according to the suggestions here, have playcalling responsibilities reassigned by Labour Day. (Weren't we still in the Jason Maas era then? - Wow that was fair!)

The proposition is lose-lose for Danny Mac. Come here to the worst team in the league where you will be given one year to turn things around. You will be unsuccessful and you lose your job here, but you will also lose credibility as a broadcasting expert and probably not be asked back. By the way, you will make this gamble for a tremendous pay cut and longer be a national figure on the national media. Any endorsement deals or spokemans deals or (as with Dunnigan) books deals would be less artractive to a guy now limited largely to the Hamilton market.

If he comes here and wins, well, he simply took a big pay cut, and will play second fiddle to the genius head coach who turned this mess around. Again, he is in a smaller market and a less attractive spokesmen for advertisers and such.

It WON't happen - give it up!!

I have the highest regard for Danny McManus as a player and a person. But I think the last poster is right. It would not likely be a good situation for Danny for the reasons stated. Besides that, he has often indicated he is not interested in coaching any time soon. Not to mention that he has zero experience coaching, and it is not automatic that a fine player becomes a fine coach. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't work out. The head coach should decide who to have as assistants. If I were Danny, I would decline an offer if it were made.

Yes because that sounds like the Danny we all know, the guy who walked away from a contender to come to a 2 win ball club. Maybe he would want to come here because it would provide a challenge and he would want to be part of turning a 3 win ball club into a Grey cup winning team in one season, which is exactly what this team is going to do.

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