Danny Mac will be back

Danny mac is coming back to Hamilton as general manager. You can take that to the bank. Danny loves Hamilton and his wife is from here. He will bring in his own coach (who would know a good coach better than Danny) and a quarterback if thats what he thinks we need.

Right now he wouldn't return if you beat him like a runaway slave, I doubt he'd want to be the next guy....maybe the guy after that though. :slight_smile:

For some reason I will take canucklehead's side on this one, I heard he has good sources. :wink:

As I said in a different thread, I'm pretty sure Danny said he had business intrests after football, and has no ideas of going into coaching/GM'ing.

Thank-you, may the source be with you.

Get Danny here. He would be a great GM.

Danny and Ron together again. :cry:

so WHY was this topic so important it required 4 topic posts???

Sometimes when submitting a post the upload seems to hang, if someones unaware of it they hit 'sumbit' again and again thinking it's pushing one post through when it's actually submitting numerous times.

Probably (I'd hope) an honest error.

First Danny post 11:07am
Fourth Danny post 11:30 am..

he'd have to be running dialup at 9600 baud to get post lag THAT long....lol

Not to nipick...but read the times the thread originated, not the time of the last post.


It was my post the appeared at 11:30.

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ok still 5 mins apart

confused :? the time on my computer for those posts were 6:06,6:07,6:10,and 6:11pm my time right now 6:48pm

die danny mac fans....die! lmfao!!! losers.

Much as I love the guy and admire and respect him as a football player, I'm not sure I'd want him as GM just yet. We're a struggling team and what we need is someone with GM experience.

Maybe if Danny came back as an OC or a QB coach to start off.

Danny has the football side and personality side for sure. But not sure about his business skills. ???

That would be awesome!! danny would be a great coach/co-ordinater!! and also, it so happens that im his biggest fan, so i would LOVE that!!:slight_smile:

We need a coach with a lot of coaching back ground. We just cant afford to gamble on Dan right now....Just my one cent.

danny mac what for. Would not even get him to toss me my beer. In all likely hood he'd toss it to the other guy.

how amusing,how long did it take you to think that up?

(in case it's not clear,this is sarcasm)