Danny Mac...why?

Right Now. That is what we need to give us hope. period.

I haven’t heard that Danny wants to be a coach in the CFL. Going from scout to HC is a jump that most people haven’t taken. I’d like to see him as an OC first if that is what he wants to do.

I don’t recall anybody suggesting him as the next coach in Hamilton. He’s more known for his talent evaluation and has served as an Assistant GM for several years. A lead GM role should be his next progression.


Thanks for that… i just woke up an hour ago and I misread the intention.


DM a fait un travail assez moyen jusqu’à cette année. Que s’est-il passé pour que les choses progressent autant à Montréal? Il a embauché Jean-Marc Edmé; c’est la seule différence avec l’année précédente, et on a vu les résultats.

Pour ma part, DM ne m’a toujours pas prouvé qu’il est un bon évaluateur de talent et qu’il peut bâtir une équipe d’élite. À Edmonton, il avait hérité d’une excellente équipe montée par Tom Higgins et il a réussi à en faire une équipe de bas de classement même avec Ricky Ray comme quart-arrière. Il peut trouver de bons joueurs, mais assembler une équipe d’entraîneurs et de joueurs qui constitueront une équipe d’élite, il ne l’a jamais fait et j’attends toujours des résultats de cet ordre de sa part. Quand les Alouettes se seront faits torcher par les Argonauts, la plupart des supporteurs seront contents de la saison 2023 des Alouettes parce qu’ils se laisseront volontiers berner par la faiblesse des équipes qu’ils ont affrontées. Mais la réalité est que les Alouettes sont une équipe de milieu de peloton. En 2023, c’est la meilleure équipe des pires, mais pas la pire des meilleures. Elle ne fait pas partie de cette catégorie-là.

Si vous cherchez des gens capables de hisser votre équipe vers les sommets de la ligue, il vaudrait mieux de regarder ailleurs que du côté des Alouettes. Je pense que McMannus serait un meilleur candidat, s’il a des aspirations comme directeur-général. C’est à partir du moment où il s’est investi davantage chez les Bombers qu’ils se sont mis à progresser. D’autre part, je ne serais pas si surpris si avant longtemps ces derniers confiaient le ballon à Brown, quitte à laisser aller Collaros.

So what have the three Tiger Cat GM’s done for Hamilton? I’ll wait.

Danny Mac as the new O-Coordinator, sure

GM…NO thanks.
He has been with Winnipeg for 10 years as 3rd in command, it appears obvious that he is not interested in a larger role or he would have taken a job by now wouldn’t he??

Or if he was such a valued GM prospect he would have been hired elsewhere by now.
Everyone associated with the league knows him.

The Ticats don’t have a GM. Or 2 GMs. Or 3GMs.

They have 3 Assistant GMs.

And what do the 3 assistant GMs have to do with Danny McManus?

You just convinced me to renew my season tickets! I’d be fine with Stein staying on in a different capacity, maybe a return to DC.

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You know I hadn’t thought of that. . . but you make good points there iceman.


That argument loses its momentum when the up-and-comer is 58 years old.

Not relevant at all.


Ron Lancaster had absolute poop credentials as a coach after being fired from Saskatchewan… He won a grey cup for the Cats as coach. Chris Jones was according to fans in Edmonton on the list to be burned out. That feeling is not present today
My point is, fans are too emotional to really be trusted to hire anyone for their team.
And it just do not matter because no matter who gets hired… We will always here from the fans who will say they were never a fan of whomever gets the job… Even if they are successful


An up-and-comer is not stalled in the same role for 10 years and at the back end of their working career @ 58

You think most football GMs works less than 10 years before getting their shot?

Danny Mac if given the GM position for the Ti-Cats might bring some Bombers Players with him which would be a good thing.Most new GM’s bring players along from their former organization. ( Ottawa….”cough”)
Remember The Little General brought Danny Mac and Darren Flutie from the Eskimoes after their Grey Cup appearance here in 96?
Smart way to success is bring a good QB & receiver along with you .
My favourite CFL commentator on the CBC was The a little General, he said it best , smooth and to the point ….RIP Ron Lancaster ,the best by far.


Ronnie was the best…but remember too a guy from the Nations Capital raiding the Ticat roster that didn’t work quite as well.

Danny Mac also may not want to leave. Ted Goveia had a pretty good offer somewhere after 2019 but declined. Danny, I believe, has also had offers or rumoured to but he’s still here. Kyle Walters will be re-signed. Like O’Shea last year(?) They just aren’t in serous negotiations until this season is done.

Front office is very different criteria and normally the “up and comer” comes from the coaching ranks, not usually from the ranks under a current GM. That being said would DM be any worse than what’s there right now? I don’t think the GM ranks are necessarily the issue. What I would be asking is why they haven’t been able to maintain the roster year to year. Have the coaches and management communicated well? Has the GM been ignoring obvious shortcomings (like O’Day with his o-line or how Lyle Bauer did with Winnipeg).

I don’t know what the solution is Hamilton but the necessary culture seems to be missing and that’s not a GM thing. All I do know is that since Danny Mac and few other guys were added to the staff our scouting was weak as s–t. If your depth doesn’t pan out or is not very good you don’t get the teams like Winnipeg and Toronto have built.

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Assistant GM or GM is nothing but word salad. I would suggest a qualified and experienced GM could easily replace all three Assistant GMs. Take a hard and long look at the current status of the Winnipeg? Yup, he has done a terrible job. How many Grey Cup appearances in the last 5 years?

I would agree with the proposed structure.