Danny Mac...why?


A lot of people have said he could be our saviour. Based on what? Why him? What has be done to show he deserves the reigns?

If it’s just nostalgia, forget it. Having a bunch of contacts as a scout doesn’t mean he’d be a good GM.

SO for those of you saying he should be brought in…sell me on it.


Flip side is how could he possibly do any worse ?


So you want more of the same?

Yes , it’s clear I want more failure.


ok…next? perhaps someone that will actually answer the question and not be a sarcastic duckwad


Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

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How is asking why people want someone specific, who to my eye doesn’t have the resume to be given the job, a stupid game? DO you have anything to offer on this topic other than ‘oh he can’t be worse’.

No one wants worse. No one wants the same. Many posters have offered his name up as better. Why’?


How can you be so dismissive of McManus when this is the regime that promoted Stein to executive with zero executive experience and so far zero executive success. At least McManus has tangible experience and results.

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What is that experience and results as a GM? Tell me. I’m willing to learn why he’d be a good fit. Here is your chance to teach me.

I’m not being dismissive. I want to know why. I don’t see it at the moment. And I don’t want a repeat of the Stein mess.

I’m willing to learn why he’d be a bad fit even with a bar set so ridiculously low. Go.

I don’t want someone who may not be a gargantuan step up from what we have. I want better. I want results. I don’t know that he will get them.

Your turn. why would be good?

Experienced in a winning culture with high expectations which currently describes absolutely no one here presently. That alone would be an improvement.

Under the current regime of Stein and the three co-assistant-GMs is extremely poor talent evaluation, questionable draft picks, employing chronically injured veterans, a constant QB shuffle (while pi$$ing-off at least two, if not three, starting QBs), roster mismanagement, and declining play over the past three seasons. To me, it wouldn’t be difficult to at least replicate that and have a proper Front Office structure.

Danny McManus has had years of Scouting and Player Personnel experience in WPG, and that team has been doing fairly well the past four seasons. AFAIK, neither him nor his boss, Kyle Walters, are signed for next year, so one of them might become available. Both have Hamilton roots, so that’s why some of us think either one of them might be a good fit as GM.

In my dream scenario, Stein gets canned and is never employed on this team again. In a fit of brilliance, HSG hires Jim Barker as President of Football Operations, and he then hires Danny or Walters as GM. The GM, inturn, hires a new Head Coach (Milanovic?), and so on.


You want to know why ? Let’s just look at the Bombers W/L records in the last seven years . All those years by the way were with McManus in the role and capacity of assistant GM and head of American scouting . The Bombers remarkable successful season in season out W/L record is something that only Cat fans can dream about .

2016 -11 - 7 Lost WSF
2017 -12 - 6 Lost WSF
2018 - 10 - 8 Lost WF
2019 - 11 - 7 Won Grey Cup
2021 - 11 - 3 Won Grey Cup
2022 - 15 - 3 Lost Grey Cup
2023 - 14 - 4 TBD

OVER-ALL Record from ‘16-23’ = 84 W / 38 L / 3 Cup finals / 2 Grey Cups won


But there is someone above him (Walters). And another ‘assistant GM’…Ted Goveia.

Yes…WPG has been a model franchise. But why Danny and not one of the other 2. Do you know how much input he had in everything or was he more a US Scout. That’s why I want to know why Danny. I doubt anyone here knows how much he had to do with the success outside of being a scout.

I’d be more inclined to go after Walters if he is available. Maybe even both "Walters president and Danny GM’. Keep the team that got results together.

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That’s another option as well.

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The argument for McManus is that if you want an up and comer in the front office space you hire someone from a winning culture/franchise that is ready to take the next step. Similar to our hiring of Marcel Desjardins from Montreal.

There is never a guarantee that someone that comes from a winning place can bring that and inject it into our team, but it’s the hope.

Same as hiring a co-ordinator as a head coach, its the natural progression.


I was going to post something similar but this about sums it up.

Danny Mac has been an Assistant GM to Kyle Walters for quite a while now and should have an excellent grasp of how to build a winning team. I think he might want to take on a new challenge by running his own team and restoring glory to the Ti-Cats.

He’s also highly revered here in the Hammer as the last Grey Cup winning QB and his name on the Wall of Honor. Imagine now if he could add to that by becoming the architect of our next Grey Cup winning team.


rightly or wrongly I think Danny is considered as a ’ Good Time Charlie. ’