Danny Mac thread......


Just kidding everyone.... :wink:

Well spring is here....what did you guys do this winter ?.....did you get up north ice-fishing?...snowmobiling?...hit the slopes?....beaches down south?....

..or did you lead a boring life like me?...all work and no play and taking care of teenage daughters......ouch!

Yes, this is off-topic but it seems like everyone is grumpy right now so, fire away!

(Geez, I miss posting with everyone this past winter....and I won't get to post much the next month due to work committments to some clients but that's life eh?}....whine, whine whine... :lol:

Bring back Danny!

What's "ice fishin" .... finger stirring your Mart?

Hi Mikey

Hey Ritch!...miss ya buddy!

How's things in B.C.?

We had Vancouver weather here in the Steel City till way after New Years..then all hell froze over....literally!

Got a good meltdown happening now though and I watched a few robins today on my front lawn...lol

Damn, I feel envious of all the people who went down south the last few weeks.....I just can't afford it right now... :cry:

(next year maybe)

But you are aware Mikey. Since you created a post with that title, the next tiem you head downsouth for winter will be the year we have amazing weather and they have a major freak blizzard.

Speaking of Danny
His Started his Football Camp Again


Danny who ?

Wasn’t he one of the kids on “Eight is Enough”?

Traded DANNY MAC and got MAAS .
good deal EH ! :thdn: :thdn:

Didn't turn out anywhere near as hoped, for sure, but if you want to look at the comparison straight up, it wasn't so bad. Danny didn't exactly set the league on fire last year, if I recall (16 completions, 1TD, 3 Ints), and it sounds like he may be done for good. With Maas (298 comps, 8TDs, 17 Ints) there's still potential ... potential to have a career year... potential to help carry the equipment to the bus... potential to trade for a prospect, or a bag of helmets, or something...

While D Mac has potential to become a QB coach... don't forget, he made Eakin look like starter material a short while back... imagine what he could do with Chang.

Did you guys know that Danny is listed as a non-import according to the Calgry roster? Check it out!