Danny Mac on FAN590

Danny Mac was on Mike Hogan's program this AM (3/17/08). Here's a summary of what he had to say if you missed it:

He lost his job at TSN to Duane Ford who he said was a good choice. He still hopes to catch on somewhere doing CFL telecasts.

He's interested in coaching down the road but Ron Lancaster advised him to wait until most of the players he played with are retired.

When he's inducted into the HOF, he'd like Darren Flutie to give his speech (if he can be found--apparently, Flutie is very busy). He said Darren was pleased to go into the HOF before brother Doug--sibling rivalry I guess.

The Cats offence will be much improved with Printers having a go-to guy to throw to in Miles. Danny Mac has played with Miles so he'd know. Lumsden is working out with the hope that he can get through the 18 games without injury. Danny Mac thought the O-line last season was good and able to open holes for the RBs. He didn't say a word about the D as I recall.

He's still going to do his local coaching clinic.

The guy is really down to earth and has a great sense of humor. I hope something pans out for him so he stays involved in the CFL and this area.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree Barney, especially about his sense of humour. I thought originally he’d do well on TSN, but I think he was mis-used. Rather than having him as a commentator on games, I think he’d be better on the halftime panel with his sense of humour. However, with Schultz, Climie, and Dunigan, there isn’t room; a 4 man panel would be just too much, not enough time for each guy to have his say.

I agree Class Act all the way
Last year
I had Chance to talk with Danny for almost an Hour.
As We waited for Cats to finish a Practice.

I told he was 1st Interview I every did .
How he help me . He said Did so many during the year the Blur together.

But was Glad He got chance to help me

I agree and we could definatly due without Climie.

What to expect from a Lawyer

Danny was chuckling away about
his present state of unemployment.

He used football analogies.

He said he would rather think of himself
as a free agent since Feb. 15th.

And regarding Duane Forde replacing him on TSN...

He said that's like a new owner of a team
wanting to bring in his own people.

He gave Duane praise as a colour commentator

and then joked that he better do that

because when they played together
Duane protected him in the backfield.

and 'besides he is a lot bigger than me.'

Danny should replace Ted Michaels on The Fifth Quarter.

Ted knows "jack" about football.

maybe danny can help at the rookies camp!

I hope that Danny could be brought on board in any capacity. He truly is one of the classiest guys that ever played in the Hammer.

When we lost it was all his fault and when we won, it was always the play of the rest of the team that made the difference... according to him anyway.

Hey porky can work at hooters they will give him all the wings he can eat! LMAO!

I met him in Vancouver at a golf tourney a long time ago great guy. I liked him on TSN thought he did a good job.

I know but hes a hoot to make fun of too!lol :wink:

Do they keep stats for dropped balls? Because alot of times it was the receivers letting him down.
Yes there were some games he just couldnt get going at the start, but when he did get going.....drops.
And when he was on, he was great.
He is one of the reasons I love the CFL. When all these Americans come here to play...and stay...and do great things on the field and off....him, Pinball and so many others before them doing work for their communities.
He was great on TV and he should make for a great coach one day.