Danny Mac on a mission

From Drew

[b]Beating the bushes

Sixteen days, five flights and almost 6,400 kilometres of driving: That was Ticat scout Danny McManus’s travel itinerary as he visited more than a dozen NFL training camps this month.

Between McManus, assistant general manager Joe Womack and co-ordinator of Canadian player development Drew Allemang, the Hamilton front office visited all 32 American teams.

“I got the chance to connect with a lot of people and see a ton of players so it worked out well,? McManus said.

With a 136-day lockout having eliminated NFL off-season workouts, McManus says the landscape could be a little different when clubs start paring down their rosters. Teams must be down to a maximum of 75 players by Aug. 29 with the final cuts, to 53, coming Sept. 4.

“We’re not really sure how it’s going to play out. Not many of the young guys are getting reps in practice because coaches are leaning on the vets to start the year,? McManus said. “It could be a situation where there are some quality guys available and now we’re just looking at whether they fit into what we’re looking for.?[/b]