Danny Mac is not qualified to be a head coach

He has no experience head coaching. Ever. Please stop suggesting that he should take over Charlie's job.

Thank you.

I agree...It does show how desperate things have gotten...again...

Well if Danny isn't going to I think my little sister should, this coaching staff is worse than a coaching staff for a pee wee football team.

Danny Mac may not be qualified to coach... but neither is Charlie Taffe.

You have to get some experience somewhere... What about OC? I'll tak him over marcel anyday.

But seriously it cant get any worse, you could put a scarecrow in the grass on the sidelines and he'll do the same job Taffe has.

End of thread. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

True but neither was Clemons when he took over the Blue team.

The difference is that T.O. had a better roster durng the Etcheverry meltdown and the Pinball hiring. Like I've stated, I am open to Danny's hire if it happens. It cannot get worse. The upside of an interim Danny Mac hire isn't that clear to me though given what the coordinators we have produce and the glaring roster issues.

Oski Wee Wee,

When McManus was first hired to our coaching staff, I thought he might be considered the eventual replacement for Bellefeuille. I can definitely see McManus taking Bellefeuille's place after this season is over.

I'm not as sure about him taking over from Taaffe though, for reasons already mentioned here. But I think it's quite possible McManus will get some kind of promotion, if he wants it.

Mcmanus should start as an assistant coach..
not a head coach..
Get rid of BellaFOOL!

I think it might be time for Obie to come down and take over. He would have identified the NFL cuts he wants to brng in by now. So its time to make the next step and start the process for his own guy for next year.
I wouldn't be surprised if Obie does take over he will keep coaching for a couple of years.

When the axe falls on Taaffey I would love to see Obie convince Ritchie to take the job on that would be the best move....?

Whoever is calling the plays get rid of
him now...HC or OC. we need new idea's

How do you know he's not qualified? He'd be a hell of a lot better than the crap we got now.

The downside as you mention is that Danny has no experience as a head coach. Would fans be patient with him if he made some newb mistakes? Maybe.

The upside is that he played here for 8 years. He played on good teams and bad teams and he probably grew some thick skin during the bad years. I think he could handle the pressure of coaching in Hamilton.

That being said, I still don't think you can blame everything on Charlie Taffe either.

:thup: :thup: :thup:


I wouldn't be surprised if Obie does take over he will keep coaching for a couple of years.
8) Right, just enough time for him to get fired himself !!! :lol:

I always said Danny Mac would coach one day. Just look at his "natural" ability...he had pretty much none. He could read a defence though.

Mac gets my vote....

No to D-Mac for HC. No to D-Mac for OC. Yes, for quarterback coach which is what his strength is, at quarterback. It would be just another experiment in the comedy of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

I have no problems with Danny as head coach. I say **** experience. Everyone thinks you need experience which is bs, Trestman had none in the CFL or even any head coaching experience and is doing just fine.

And next year if we're not going to hire either Hall from Regina or Cortez from Calgary then I'm really hoping they look to the NFL at oc's or qb coaches. Because the majority of CFL coaches are garbage and I want this team to contribute to flushing some of it out rather than recycling it like we did this offseason.