Danny Mac Interview

Coming up on the TSN pregame show any minute.

Tune in and check it out.

What a great guy! I had a good impression of him before that interview and I regard him even higher after watching that!

I hope, and I really think we will see him back in Hamilton in a few years in some capacity with the Ticats!

What a great "Attitude"! :thup: :thup:

I did not appreciate the interviewer trying MANY times to get Danny to show remorse over not being the starter. Danny would indeed be a good future QB coach for Hamlton some day.
Bob Jackson.

I saw the interview too. Class act. It was nice to even watch him in the game after he replaced Burris. Starts off with a great TD toss for a touchdown - reads the D and then threads the needle in classic McManus fashion. But, then had trouble with consistency, avoiding the blitz and moving the offense after that. I think he plays the perfect role as a backup right now. He is effective coming in when you need him. A true asset working with Burris and a tribute to the game. I could see him developing into a great coach after his playing days are done.

I still think Danny Mac would make a great mentor for Maas. He's seen it all and been a consistent winner in this league. He's also a class guy.

He'll end up somewhere for sure so it may as well be in Hamilton where he's committed to reside after he retires.

An Argo fan